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Baby bath – which one to choose and how old to use.

Baby bath – which one to choose and how old to use.

Preparing for the birth of a child, parents try to buy everything they need for comfortable caring for their baby. The bathtub should be at the top of your shopping list. Some parents think that they will not need a baby bath, especially if the house has an adult bath, but this is far from the case. Of course, you can use an adult bathroom, but there are several aspects that explain why it is inconvenient to use a shared bathroom for bathing a baby:

Bathing a baby in a shared bath is not very convenient, especially if only one of the parents has to do it; It is much more difficult to treat a large bath with a disinfectant solution, and this must be done before each bath; Often, when bathing babies, various decoctions of medicinal herbs are used and you are unlikely to be able to create a solution of the desired concentration in a large bath; They can turn off hot water, and you will have to heat it in some kind of large container, which is also not very convenient.

These are just a few reasons why you should refuse to bathe your baby in a shared bath, at least until he grows up..

So even if you have an adult bath, you need to buy a baby bath.

What is a baby bath?

A baby bath is a container, usually of a small size, in which it is very convenient to bathe a baby from birth to a certain age. The product is made from various materials. Most often, baths are made of high-quality plastic, but there are metal and plastic products. Manufacturers offer a wide range of models of baby baths, which are quite difficult to understand. Let’s talk about it and get to know the most popular models..

Classic oval bath.

A regular oval tray is the easiest option. The tray is comfortable, lightweight and easy to use. This model is available in a wide variety of colors, so parents can choose a pink bathtub for their daughter or a blue bathtub for their son. But when purchasing a classic bath, you must understand that you still have to buy a hammock and a slide. A hammock is necessary for bathing newborn babies, and you will start using the slide when the child learns to sit..

Anatomical bath.

Such a bath is considered the safest for bathing a baby, due to the presence of an anti-slip coating that allows him to sit quietly during water procedures. The shape of the bath follows the contours of the child’s body, which is very convenient when the child is very small. However, it is its shape that turns into a disadvantage, it costs the baby to grow up. The bath becomes cramped, the child cannot even splash and has to sit still while he is being washed.

Antimicrobial bath.

Any mother knows that before bathing, it is necessary to treat the bath with a disinfectant solution, and this is not always safe. There are kids whose body reacts sharply to various cleaning substances, they cause allergies. In this case, using a bath with an antimicrobial coating becomes a real salvation. It is enough to pour hot water into the bath and its surface will begin to produce a special substance that is responsible for disinfection.

Bath “mother’s tummy”

This is a model that is suitable for bathing newborns, because in its shape it resembles a mother’s womb, so the baby will be comfortable taking water procedures. But you won’t have to use such a bath for a long time. When your baby is six months old, you will have to buy another, spacious bathtub.

Bathtub with changing table.

This model, despite its convenience, is suitable only for those who have a fairly spacious bathroom or have another, large place for bathing a baby. The design successfully combines the bath itself and a table on which you can swaddle your baby immediately after bathing.

Foldable and inflatable baths.

Such baths are comfortable enough for bathing a child. The undoubted advantage of these models is the ability to take with you, going to the country or on a trip. In addition, this model is suitable for those who have a small apartment..

Tray for a shower cabin.

In modern bathrooms, a shower cabin is often installed instead of a bathtub, therefore a special model of a baby bath was developed, which is suitable for installation in such a cabin. Bathing a child in such a bath is quite convenient, but you can only use it after your baby learns to sit on his own..

Features of baby baths.

It should be mentioned that some models have additional functions and accessories, for example:

Draining; Convenient carrying handles; Wheel fixation; The possibility of adjusting the height of the bath; Embossed slide with anti-slip coating; Various shelves for bathroom accessories and much more.

Having decided on the choice of a model, pay attention to several important factors that it must correspond to:

The bath material should not contain harmful impurities; Size (it should be sufficient for the baby to feel comfortable and free); If the bath does not have an anti-slip coating, use a diaper, rubber mat or embossed slide; The surface of the bath must be smooth, both inside and outside (any damage contributes to the emergence of pathogenic bacteria); The material of the bath should not emit unpleasant odors; The bath should be light.

You got acquainted with all the features and characteristics of baby baths. It remains to discuss the age of the child to which he can be bathed in a baby bath. It will not be possible to answer this question unequivocally, here the decision is made by the parents. Most often, children are bathed in a baby bath for up to a year. If the house has a shared bath or shower, and the child is already sitting confidently, then many people prefer to abandon the baby bath. Of course, it is much more fun for the baby to splash in a large bathtub, where he can move freely and play with his favorite toys. If you are sure that you can ensure the child is completely safe, then it is quite possible to bathe him in a shared bath after he is six months old..

Popular brands of baby baths.


to the store The Forest brand is known for its inexpensive goods for children. The extensive range of the brand includes interior items, clothing, various bathing accessories and much more. All products comply with quality standards, and the appearance will delight for many years..

Tega baby.

to the store The Polish company Tega Baby is engaged in the manufacture of goods for children from metal, plastic and textiles. The offered products meet the most current trends, and the assortment amazes with a variety of style and design. Products designed for bathing children, such as baby baths, slides and other accessories, are also distinguished by their high quality..

Ok baby.

to the store The Italian company Ok Baby produces baby products that are very popular among consumers from around the world. The range of the brand includes products for bathing, hygiene and child safety, including baths, slides, washcloths, rugs and much more..


to the FunKids store is a Russian brand that produces inexpensive goods for children. The company’s products are designed for children from birth to 4 years of age. The assortment is incredibly diverse, starting with play sets, development mats, slides, bathtubs and much more.

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