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BlaBlaCar blocked the account with the reason “suspicious activity” – according to support, unblocking is impossible.

BlaBlaCar blocked the account with the reason “suspicious activity” – according to support, unblocking is impossible.

I registered with BlaBlaCar on September 22, 2019, while in Evpatoria. If she made a trip, then only one, from Evpatoria to Belogorsk.

After that, I did not use it at all and did not enter my account. 04/19/2021 a letter arrives:

Unfortunately, we were forced to block the activity of your profile on BlaBlaCar.

We have reason to believe that your activity on the platform violates clause 6 of the Terms of Service:

We hope for your understanding, because we care about maintaining trust and security on the platform.

Community Relations – BlaBlaCar.

Sorry, but for what exactly my profile is blocked?

I used the application once in Evpatoria the year before last. Now I will not be able to use your service at all with my phone number? What is going on?

We were forced to block your account due to unusual or suspicious activity.

Unfortunately, we are unable to restore your profile. Our decision is final, so we will not be able to answer additional questions on this topic..

It is important for us that BlaBlaCar remains a reliable and secure platform for our users.

You can read BlaBlaCar’s Terms of Service and Data Privacy Statement:

Blablacar Team – BlaBlaCar.

Bottom line: I can’t use the account, I didn’t violate any rules (I haven’t entered the account stupidly since September 2019), for which they blocked it, they cannot say, they cannot unblock it either, they just sent it to 3 letters.

Great service guys.

When in all countries and territories they will legally prohibit such "In short, we decided that you violated something from this canvas of text, and blocked your account to shit, maybe you have no idea why, but we don’t care …".

It turns out that private sites will not ban a person who violated THEIR rules, without the approval of the state?

yes ban, please, just tell me – why? I didn’t break any rules.

Well that’s fair, yeah.

I mean that a person needs to be informed normally so that no "let’s not tell why" was not, well, nonsense.

This is good for Yandex..

I fully agree with the author! I had exactly the same story – I was blocked for nothing, but I went often and all the reviews are good. And the last time I was driving late in the evening (forcedly), with a cowardly driver who took gypsy passengers, they swore in gypsy all the way, yelled, I almost turned gray while I got there. The driver made a remark only once. So I had to complain about the driver, but it turned out I was also blocked for nothing !! I wrote a letter, the answer came, as did the author.

This application must be blocked in the Russian Federation altogether. They block everyone and then sell your accounts for money. I was blocked like that too. In general, they are scammers. All RUSSIANS should abandon this service and switch to our Russian service EDEM. RF.

I registered as a driver, take companions so that the fireman pays off, and the fellow travelers for some reason think that they are passengers and I am a taxi driver, some complaints, reviews, plus signs and minuses, fuck you, I need to take a bus, neither pass coffee nor drink coffee or smoke, one frame asked not to talk on the speakerphone on the phone,

Edemvkrymiedim.rf new service of all.

Then you need to prohibit the Privacy Policy.

Maybe it’s for the best. Very strange service.

what a weird.

Why strange? I don’t just rummage.

Strange rules, strange support, country rates, etc..

As for me – all the rules.

ok until you are blocked without explanation.

Support ay she did not answer a single appeal, the desire was to come to their office and fill them with e. Chki from no office.

They all answered me.

According to the idea, not commercial transportation. They are looking for a fellow traveler to pay for the fuel in half. And in fact, a group taxi, in the worst interpretation.

Finished it for sure.

Don’t consider it an advertisement, but I have a similar story (here I wrote in detail: In short, Blablakar deliberately blocks the profiles of ordinary drivers in favor of commercial carriers. There are many wording options. There is only one result – a block of the questionnaire and let’s say goodbye to the service.

Initially, I did not indicate that I traveled as a passenger, but now I am not allowed to correct the post already. So I was blocked as a passenger who paid BBK. Pts cool.

Blablacar has one account, both passenger and driver. As a result, I cannot order cars and go to blablacar myself, in short, some kind of insanity.

well, they are great here too.

I agree with the undercover muonetization, but the roof can be seen to be excellent on the territory of the Russian Federation..

You can read reviews about the application in the play market and on the otzovik. All are the same as a blueprint. At the end of April, they blocked me too. There were no grounds. The answer was just as dumb.

Either this is a technical error, or your account has been hacked corny. Why are you not considering these opportunities?

Why don’t they tell me about it? How do I know if my account has been hacked or is it a technical error? The BBC should know this, but they play riddles and say nothing. And the account is not restored.

How do they know they hacked your account or are you doing some kind of activity in it?

Well, this can be seen at least by ip.

No, it’s not visible. Point.

Sorry, but you have no idea how the internet works, it’s absolutely obvious.

yes, yes, and you are a guru blah-blah-kara and have an idea of ​​everything, and you also know more than everyone here put together.

Judging by the topics – yes, I know a lot more than the main local contingent.

Judging by your writing, you are still Vasya without brains.

and at the same time answer only convenient questions.

And after all, why the hell are they not making it clear? My mail has not been hacked, from which I conclude that it is the account on the BBK that has been hacked. This means that they do not have normal account protection, and they cannot admit it. And it’s easier to block a client who brings them money than to deal with it. This is fucking politics I think.

Scammers! No payments before meeting with the driver! If you receive a payment link, it is fake. The money is gone, and the driver never existed. They ask, it seems, because of an error to cancel the transaction, to say how much money is left on the card, report and provide a confirmation code in order to transfer to yourself, according to the information received on the fake page, the entire balance from the card. Blablakar fellows began to ban these guys. On the site they began to write that the payment was only 6 cash to the driver and at the meeting. So if you are sent links to online payment before the trip and meeting with the driver and are asked to transfer money in advance, take screenshots and write to support – such drivers are blocked. I remind you they send a link in messengers when you tell them your phone number at the office. Site. And they ask to pay before the trip. Don’t get fooled! You can indirectly track from the reviews that everything is normal – then a period of inactivity and then a bunch of and immediately all excellent. Also, the driver says that he leaves, for example, at 12, and negotiations with him until 13-14 are delayed and he is only waiting for you. And he also immediately offers to pick you up at eeeey! Not really knowing where you are. If you tell them that you are just 5 minutes from the landing point and you yourself are already approaching the approximate place, then they no longer get in touch.

Well, well, and others at the same time. And those that send links to tau remained. Do not ride on the ears.

Not. You have not read, but concluded. If the user has sent a payment link without having met. Immediately scanned with correspondence in support of this user and banned. It’s simple. A thief should sit in jail!

UPD Blablakar contacted me and, after confirming account ownership, restored it. The reason is that my login with a password was leaked to the network and it was picked up in my Blablacar account, a fake trip was posted as a driver, which, most likely, was a complaint about my account. It is a pity that Blablakar told me about this only after posting here, and did not even hint about it in a letter with a notification that my account was blocked forever. And he did not provide an opportunity to restore the account. Problem solved.

The Jews are fucked up and not blakar but a whore.

It is written that they violated clause 6. We open and read: BlaBlaCar also reserves the right to block your Account, restrict access to the Services or terminate the contractual relationship if your actions on the Platform, the nature of the offered Rides, their frequency, the number of Passengers , the amount of the Cost Contribution you requested will indicate that you have made a profit, or if BlaBlaCar has reason to believe that the Platform is being used for the purpose of making a profit.

Soryan did not indicate that she traveled as a passenger. And paid the money to blablacar. How could I profit from a trip if I spent money on it??

Yeah, and also in the rules it is indicated that blakar is not a party to the transaction and does not assign a value. They also break their own rules.

Hello everyone! Recently, I also swore at them here. An incredible situation happened today. In the morning, a letter from Blakar dropped with support. They restored my account to me) Although they did it for a long time and were silent. But anyway. My advice. Hammer them by mail with account requests if they were unlawfully blocked. It helped me. I wrote letters to them almost every day. I changed my password. I hope this helps you)

with the comment above, exactly the same thing happened to me just after this article here. letters did not help))

Fuck using the service that leaked your data and doused it with shit. No self esteem.

If Evpatoria, then there is an assumption about the sanctions. The service is American?

Can’t people stay in Evpatoria now? ) Completely far-fetched.

So I was in Evpatoria in 2019, and was blocked in April of this year.

eh, it didn’t work.

if they had an account here, they could probably.

they have no accounts anywhere, except for groups in social networks. I spent 3 months trying to unlock it, communicating with technical support is hell. there are always different people, they don’t go into dialogue. wrote to them on Twitter in a personal – banned. wrote to their French account that Russian support was shit – they answered that they would figure it out and, in the end, fuck. They have a very strange system, like Avito. if you logged in from two different devices from the same account, you will be immediately banned. to get the truth from them – you will never get.

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