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Forward-folding sofa.

Forward-folding sofa.

The interior of the apartment cannot be imagined without a sofa. It creates coziness, warmth for the whole family. All family members relax on it, watch TV, read, communicate and even sleep. The first folding sofas were invented in the 17th century, it happened in France. To turn the sofa into a place to sleep, the armrests had to be removed. On some sofas it was possible to change the position of the headboard. Soft options for sitting and sleeping can be attributed to long-lasting transforming furniture, so when choosing such products, you need to take into account all the parameters and functions. Today, many people choose a sofa that folds forward..

Features of the.

The folding upholstered furniture is multifunctional. A double sofa can be a place for one or two people to sleep, it can be with a box for linen, in some cases it can become a table, a workplace. Such a product is located in a small area, so it is used in small apartments. Unfolding upholstered furniture can be divided into:

By the type of the transformable mechanism. The variety of such mechanisms allows you to choose a folding sofa depending on its purpose, shape and size of the room. Models that fold forward are more common. According to their design, sofa beds are straight and angular. Currently, U-shaped products with a place for linen are being created, which are installed in a spacious room. In terms of functionality, sofas are office, for the living room, for the kitchen, in the hallway and for the nursery. The sofa can be a decoration in the living room of the cottage, it can be used as a guest version of the transforming sofa. In a small or ordinary apartment, such upholstered furniture can be used every day – like a bed for sleeping. This option is especially popular. The size and seating of the sofas are selected in accordance with the area of ​​the room and the number of family members. The compact ottoman is designed for 2-3 people, and the larger version is for 5 or more. The sizes of sofas in each company are different.

Dimensions (edit).

The forward-folding ottoman has various sizes, it is designed not only for sitting, but also for sleeping. A 2-seater ottoman is 140 cm wide, a three-seater one is 191 cm wide. Corner models are compact, they are usually installed in the corner of the room. If the sofa is installed in the kitchen, it can be single (130, 150 cm wide). For a berth, it should be 160 cm wide.

A sofa is selected in accordance with the area of ​​the room. A sofa that folds out forward fits into a spacious room. The simple two-seater design of the “Accordion” sofa is installed along the wall and has a small surface. The standard size of such a product is considered to be 150 cm wide, but there are also small single options – 140 cm wide. For a small room, a double “Accordion” with a width of 150 cm is suitable.

A double ottoman can be placed in the children’s room. Although it is double, it takes up little space. Double round sofas look unusual and original in the children’s room. A double bunk sofa is suitable for several children. Currently, a lot of models of upholstered furniture are being created that can act as a single, double bed or a lorry..

Forms and materials.

In their shape, sofas can be straight, angular, round and island. Corner sofas can have an angle on the right, an angle on the left, be with equal sides, U-shaped. The island sofa cannot be pushed into a corner or installed under a wall. Sofas are upholstered with special dense fabric, as well as artificial or natural leather. The mattress is made of spring blocks or blocks of polyurethane foam, padding polyester, foam rubber, batting. The frame is made of chipboard, wood or metal.

Transformation mechanism.

Folding classic upholstered furniture with a simple structure in the recent past was the only one on the market. The mechanisms “Book” are installed on this furniture. For transformation, it is necessary to fold the seat up until a sound click and lower it back, the back reclines horizontally. Such a product has a compartment for linen, it can be used daily, because it is reliable and durable. The disadvantage is installation at a distance of 10-12 cm from the wall. The “Click-Klyak” mechanism is being transformed, like the “Book”, but it has a more advanced mechanism and modern design. These models are attractively priced and easily fit into small apartments..

The pull-out sofa is easy to use, very reliable and can be used on a daily basis. With careful handling, it can last a very long time. It can be converted into a bed by pulling the hinge on the seat. The transformation mechanism itself will bring everything to the right position. The backrest remains unchanged. This mechanism is most often used in large and corner models. The disadvantage is the low position of the sleeping area and the fact that the casters often scratch the floor..

The forward-folding Eurobook model can be interesting for its simple design and attractive price. It can be installed in narrow and small spaces. It can be easily disassembled to get a berth: you need to pull the seat towards you, and the backrest must be moved to an empty place. There is a space under the seat where bedding and linen can be folded. This model can be installed in the middle of the room, you can also place it against the wall, decorating it with pillows. When unfolded, it takes up a lot of space..

The Pantograph mechanism can be called a “walking Eurobook”. It has a modern design, but its construction is more complicated and it costs much more. The Dolphin mechanism is reliable and can serve for a very long time. When the soft couch is rolled forward, the product becomes a spacious and flat sleeping place. The transformation system is very simple and is often used in corner models. Suitable for installation both in small apartments and in spacious rooms. The disadvantage is the lack of space for bedding. This product is difficult to unfold if there is a fluffy carpet.

The Puma model has no storage space for bed linen, it is only available in corner models. The “Verona” mechanism combines improved mechanisms – a roll-out and a clamshell. Such a sofa is very easily transformed, but it is inferior to “Konrad”. The reliable Konrad sofa folds out easily forward. It has three parts. This model is compact, comfortable, but heavy. Its device combines a draw-out mechanism and a Dolphin design. Even a child can disassemble such furniture..

Unfolding models are French, American, Italian clamshells. These models, when unfolded, resemble a clamshell. To unfold the French folding bed, you need to remove the seat cushions and disassemble the mattress in three steps. The American clamshell can be disassembled in two steps. The sleeping area is made up of an orthopedic mattress made of spring blocks. The Italian folding bed is more expensive than all these models, the seat cushions are not retracted. The device is not simple and is designed for a certain weight of a person. The disadvantage is the disassembled mattress sagging. For daily use, these products are not very durable and do not always have space for storing laundry. Sleeping on them is not very comfortable..

Products with the “Accordion” mechanism resemble a musical instrument. These products are durable and reliable, have a simple structure. They are very compact when assembled and have a bedside table in the back. They unfold forward along the length, so they can be placed in a narrow room. It transforms into a flat sleeping place if you raise the seat and pull it towards you. These options are very popular among young people..

Where to put?

Usually the sofa is placed where it fits. But designers choose the interior around the sofa. In a small living room, the sofa can be placed with its back to the window. It will be better if the back is not higher than the windowsill. All three walls come into view. If this is a sleeping place, then it is not very good for you to fall asleep by the window and the radiator. Most often, the sofa is placed with its back against the wall. In this case, it is necessary to beautifully decorate the wall with a picture or panel. To divide the room into zones, the sofa can be placed with its back to the middle of the room and facing the wall for watching TV. In this case, it is necessary to provide an approach to it from all sides. If you have a beautiful view from the window, you can put the sofa so that the view opens..

How to choose?

To choose upholstered furniture, you need to know for what purpose it is intended: for a sleeping place, for watching TV or for the interior. For relaxation, a folding model is suitable, for use instead of a bed. The sofa can be folded forward three times. You can put it in a small room. If the upholstered furniture will be used daily, you need to choose upholstered furniture with a durable transformation mechanism and an orthopedic mattress.

It is necessary to decide on the quality of such a product: from what material the frame, upholstery and filler. It is better to choose a frame made of wood, with transverse beams. The filler should be tight. When choosing upholstery, it is necessary to take into account environmental friendliness, ease of care, density, durability. If the upholstery is made of leather, then you need to pay attention to the seams, the needle should not be thick. It will be better if the sofa is covered with removable covers that can be cleaned at any time. The filler should be hypoallergenic, it is better to choose polyester fiber. It is better to choose a spring mattress, it will last longer.

You need to decide on the shape (straight, angular, island) and the size of the sofa – in accordance with the area and design of the room. When buying, you should have a tape measure with you. Some models take up a fairly large area when unfolded, they need to be placed in a spacious room. Mechanisms that require physical effort to open are not suitable for the elderly and children. Special attention should be paid to the transformation mechanism. The seller must show you how the product is transformed.

The sofa should not only fit into your interior. It should also be practical, have armrests, a compartment for storing linen. To decide on the color of the sofa, you need to take into account the size of the room. For a small room, it is better to choose dim colors. To avoid visible wear on the upholstery, it is better to choose a fabric with a pattern. If you need a custom-sized sofa, you can purchase it on order..

When buying a sofa, you need to sit on it. Examine it from behind, there may be a smell of dry wood. The garment should not have crooked seams and stitches. The choice is yours.

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