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GOTVIEW PCI DVD2 Lite is a budget class TV and FM tuner with support for hardware compression to MPEG1 / 2.

GOTVIEW PCI DVD2 Lite – budget class TV and FM tuner with support for hardware compression to MPEG1 / 2.

Recently, the situation on the domestic market of computer TV tuners with support for hardware compression in MPEG1 / 2 has finally begun to change for the better. If a year ago, the choice of such devices actually boiled down to the confrontation between Leadtek WinFast PVR2000 and GOTVIEW PCI DVD at a comparable cost in the region of $ 120-130. Despite the fact that the first lots of Leadtek tuners were sold out almost on the day of arrival, and PCI DVD, thanks to the Russian-language interface, made it possible for even novice users to get involved in hardware compression, the price order did not at all evoke a desire to buy immediately. However, the growing popularity of tuners with hardware encoders around the world, supported by the mighty thrust of the Bill Gates empire with Windows XP Media Center Edition at its disposal, seems to have finally reached our borders. The swampy torpor, interrupted by rare bursts of USB2.0 DVD Deluxe type from the persistent propaganda of modern technologies GOTVIEW or the plain, but not devoid of some charm, AVerTV PVR, was broken by the simultaneous appearance of several new models from different manufacturers, starting with GOTVIEW and ending with AVerMedia, which presented its MCE -line (which we will try to talk about as soon as possible). The general level of prices managed to decrease somewhat, the more functional PCI DVD2 Deluxe, which replaced PCI DVD, remained within the same framework, while Leadtek WinFast PVR2000 and AVerTV PVR can be found within $ 100. So we come to the point where psychology intervenes in technical and marketing calculations. Everyone knows the tricks of sellers with inscriptions on price tags of $ 99.99 and similar digital combinations designed to appease the subconscious, which instinctively resists more than one zeros. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on the location on one side of the counter), most of the Russian buyers of computer components are immune to such primitive techniques. So, the only solution is the simplest one – lowering prices. The Compro VideoMate H900 can be considered the first sign, despite the recommended price of $ 90, which demonstrated more than decent results. However, the recommended price does not always coincide with the appetites of our distributors, so it is difficult to draw final conclusions until the H900 hits store shelves. Nevertheless, this tuner clearly demonstrates, perhaps, the most reasonable way to reduce the final cost of such devices – replacing classic RF blocks with their semiconductor counterparts. Recall that the best representatives of modern receivers are of the type, in particular, those produced by Xceive Inc. with the correct selection of the accompanying strapping, they are capable of providing at least a quality comparable to classical selectors. This is confirmed by our sensitivity studies on the AVerTV Hybrid + FM Cardbus and Compro VideoMate H900. Not to mention such advantages as support for all existing audio and video standards, compactness and lower power consumption. In the VideoMate H900 review, we have already mentioned a new tuner model from GOTVIEW under the logical name PCI DVD2 Lite, the main positioning feature of which should be a suggested retail price of $ 85, comparable to the prices of the top models without hardware compression support. It’s time to get to know each other better.

Contents of delivery.

The expansion of the model range led to a change in the color scheme used in the design of the box. The combination of white and red looks somewhat unusual for GOTVIEW.

Well thought-out delivery sets have become a good tradition. In our case, these are:

Tuner Remote control External remote control sensor FM antenna Adapter antenna connector IEC – RCA Adapter S-Video – RCA for connecting composite video sources Adapter 2 RCA – mini-jack for connecting audio sources Bracket for installation in low-profile enclosures Tuner installation guide Instructions for use using the remote control 2 CDs with drivers and software.

You can see that, with the exception of the absence of RCA and S-Video cables and the remote control familiar to us from PCI DVD, the complete set of the new item is not inferior to that of PCI DVD2 Deluxe.

As an additional software, WinDVD Creator 2 from InterVideo is traditionally offered, designed to create VCD, SVCD or DVD. The serial number can be found on the envelope with the disc.

Previously, we regularly emphasized the need to install WinDVD Creator, since the corresponding codecs were used when working in deferred viewing mode and when outputting an MPEG1 / 2 stream. This procedure can be dispensed with at this time. But more on that below..

Design and specifications.

Scanning channels in any specified range, with any given step Deinterlacing filters, including double the frame rate Individual settings for each channel: volume, brightness, warmth, chromaticity, sharpness, coding type Assigning an icon for each channel Motion detector Function “Picture -in-picture “(PIP) if there are two or more video capture devices in the system. Capturing frames in BMP, GIF, JPG format by timer or by pressing the button. Optional mute during program start, searching or switching channels. Elimination of edge defects in the image ( scaling and trimming) Capturing individual frames with different resolutions Software support for recording in AVI / DV / WMV / MPEG4 formats with any codec installed in the system Ability to automatically change the file name. Full information about the capture Processing of the recorded image with filters The ability to temporarily pause the recording (to skip advertising) The ability to adjust settings (change the brightness, contrast, etc.) during recording Video over the desktop Broadcast over the network Support for a weekly TV program with the ability to download updates Title display the current TV show, as well as the start and end times of this program, indicating the length of time elapsed from the beginning Ability to reserve disk space for recording a fragment Fully Russified interface Hardware compression in MPEG1 / 2 real-time mode with a bit rate of 1-15 Mbps Support for constant ( CBR) and variable (VBR) bitrate when encoding in MPEG1 / 2 Timeshift mode using a hardware MPEG encoder Hardware noise suppression filter both when recording to MPEG1 / 2 and when outputting an uncompressed stream Cutting a specified number of bottom lines during hardware compression Support Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 LCD.

Unlike the Compro VideoMate H900, the XC2028 RF unit from Xceive Inc. does not have shielding. However, the reference design does not provide for it..

10-bit CX25843-23 from Conexant Systems, Inc. Supports decoding of all existing stereo sound standards. In addition, these ADCs include a three-band equalizer and balance control..

All tuners from GOTVIEW that have hardware compression use the MPEG1 / 2 encoder Conexant CX23416. In our case, the chip has revision 12.

A 6ns memory module manufactured by Hynix Semiconductor with a capacity of 8 MB is used for the MPEG1 / 2 encoder buffer..

Note that at the moment, the company’s tuners use different revisions of ADC and MPEG1 / 2 encoders, depending on the batch, which do not match even for one model..

The same as in the older model, the empty seats on the board are intended for microcircuits for hardware separation of the brightness and chromaticity components of the video signal (the operation of such systems was considered in the Compro VideoMate X800 review).

Test computer configuration.

Processor Athlon 64 3800+ (Socket 939) Foxconn WinFast NF4UK8AA-8EKRS motherboard (NVIDIA nForce4 Ultra chipset) 2 GB RAM (2 xd7; 1024 MB PC3200 Samsung) HIS RADEON X1800XT video card Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2ZS sound card Hard disk 120 GB Maxtor Plus9-6Y120M0 7200rpm SATA150 8 MB HDD 120 GB Maxtor Plus9-6Y120M0 7200rpm SATA150 8 MB DVD ROM Hitachi GD-7500BV DVD ReWriter BENQ DW1640 DVD ReWriter NEC ND-3500A Thermaltake HPC Operating System 420-102 DF Professional (SP2) ENG.

List of terrestrial channels during testing.


Switching cannot be called standard. The TV antenna is connected using the RCA connector (!). The IEC – RCA adapter is preinstalled on the board, the contact in the connector is quite tight. The FM antenna has a 2.5 mm mini-jack, usually used for connecting IR sensors. This orgy is aggravated by the presence of one S-Video connector for connecting external video sources (an adapter is also used to capture a composite signal). In such a situation, an inexperienced user can be helped by the existing signatures for the connectors..

After that, the FM antenna, devoid of the usual dipole “mustache”, is not surprising.

Installation and configuration.

The installation disk menu, as before, does not provide for automated driver installation and removal. Traditionally, we recall the availability of detailed documentation in HTML format on the CD, which can make it easier for inexperienced users to find answers to possible questions. However, the dynamics of the development of the program is ahead of the update of the help file..

During the tests we used driver and GoTView PRO beta 2 .

After installation, we get the GGOTVIEW DVD2 Lite PCI Video Encoder device in the Sound, video and game controllers section.

and the icon of the remote control program in the system tray, which is also the resident program of the scheduler.

A detailed description of the capabilities of the GoTView PRO program can be found in the reviews of other GOTVIEW products. Despite the small interval since the review of PCI DVD2 Deluxe, the insidious developers have thrown another portion of innovations.

Added automatic frequency correction to the nearest standard values ​​and accelerated search, saving time in the absence of channels with uncertain reception, in the channel scan menu.

Last time we lost sight of the rating, which allows you to sort channels by the number of views..

In the new version, this feature is organically supplemented by the category system, which greatly simplifies navigation when there is a large number of channels.

Added channel switching within the same category in the interface settings.

Along with the latest versions of GoTView PRO, a free MPEG decoder from DScaler is installed, eliminating the need to install WinDVD Creator. Experiment lovers may be interested in the ability to connect any third-party decoder, the parameters of which are set in the decoders.ini file. If the values ​​described there do not match (you can check them using the RadLight Filter Manager program), you can edit the file, or add a new decoder manually. So, for the filters from PowerDVD 6 that are missing at the time of writing the review, the following lines are added:

In accordance with the new serial number, the Preferences item is edited, that is:

The list of fixes was supplemented by disabling automatic resolution for ffdshow RAW filters, eliminating potential problems with this decoder when viewing.

For adherents of fine-tuning, the adaptive comb filter can be disabled and the CX25843 comb-filter phase threshold can be set (the Maximum sharpness checkbox for PAL). To access these options (do not be intimidated by the SAA 71xx inscription, this is just a tribute to traditions), use the AdvancedMode = 1 parameter in the local settings file settings.ini .

In addition to the unique ability to crop 8 and 32 lines at the bottom of the image during hardware recording, the long-awaited adjustments for peak bitrate for VBR in MPEG1 / 2 and GOP parameters have been added.


The quality of the reception in my conditions can be regarded as quite good. Is that, subjectively, in this parameter GOTVIEW PCI DVD2 Lite is slightly inferior to Compro VideoMate H900. Perhaps this is due to the different approach to the antenna connection, the F-Connector in the H900 naturally provides better contact than the additional adapter in the PCI DVD2 Lite. We will be able to dot the “e” in comparison of these models, waiting for the results of the next article from our series devoted to the study of sensitivity. However, minor differences are compensated by hardware noise reduction, the result of which can be estimated from the screenshots below (on the left – noise reduction is disabled).

Effective operation of hardware noise reduction and support for hardware deinterlacing (when preparing screenshots, the Vector Adaptive algorithm was used, which provides good clarity) allow you to achieve high image quality.

Recorded video clips lasting 5 seconds are available at the following links: During testing, there were no complaints about the stability of work with the standard software and with the Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 interface. The presence in the driver of automatic detection of the color system allows you to use Windows XP MCE in the presence of channels with different standards. To facilitate access to the tuner settings when working with this OS, the TunerTray utility is available on the developer’s website..

PCI tuners from GOTVIEW were among the first models with hardware compression to receive drivers with support for Windows XP 64x Edition. Driver for USB2.0 DVD Deluxe is currently under development.

The effect of image quality deterioration on some channels, noted in the Compro VideoMate H900 review, when switching TV-FM-TV, manifested itself in PCI DVD2 Lite as well. It seems that the reason for this, after all, is the logic of the XC2028. The solution is the same – a slight attenuation of the television signal, as a rule, is not able to noticeably affect the quality. Let’s make a reservation that this phenomenon depends on the local conditions of reception, so the probability of encountering it is relatively small..

FM tuner.

The program has a common interface for TV and FM modes. The list of FM stations is combined with TV channels, the search is also carried out in the same way.

In terms of search, PCI DVD2 Lite turned out to be the complete opposite of VideoMate H900, the extremely laconic list of items found required manual addition of almost all radio stations.

In general, the acceptable quality of reception in FM mode still falls short of the best results in my conditions. Perhaps this is the merit of the included antenna.

Sound quality deserves a good mark (download chunk 1, 486 KB and chunk 2, 466 KB, MP3, 192 kbps, 48 ​​kHz).

The delay in switching radio stations noted in the PCI DVD2 Deluxe review, according to the developers, is due to the compatibility with Windows XP MCE. The reason, of course, is more than valid, but, unfortunately, it does not explain the lack of this in competing models..

Remote control.

The console is familiar to us from the GOTVIEW PCI DVD. Slim design and standard dimensions provide good ergonomics, and membrane buttons ensure no internal contamination. The remote control is powered by the supplied CR2025 3V battery.

Supports self-configuration of remote control buttons.

Don’t forget about emulating multimedia keyboard functions and keyboard shortcuts that allow you to use the remote in third-party applications such as MS MediaPlayer, Zoom Player, BSPlayer, Winamp, etc. & # x2009; etc. In case of preventing potential conflicts in the settings, this function is disabled..


Work with all existing video and audio standards, hardware support for MPEG-1/2 using its capabilities to combat noise when outputting an uncompressed video stream, support for hardware deinterlacing, as well as good image and sound quality deserve our site awards for the original design.


Good reception quality in both TV and FM modes Excellent picture and sound quality Support for all used audio standards MPEG1 / 2 hardware support Constant (CBR) and variable (VBR) bitrate support when encoding in MPEG1 / 2 Timeshift using hardware MPEG -encoder Cutting of a specified number of lower lines during hardware compression Hardware noise suppression filter with individual settings for each channel Software support for third-party codecs Individual color system settings for each channel Individual video and audio parameters for each channel Support for hardware deinterlacing The ability to connect third-party Direct Show filters and DirectX Media Objects for both viewing and recording Full Picture-in-Picture function (with a second video capture device) Multi-channel preview Video playback over desktop Motion detection TV program support Network broadcast and Timeshift in the scheduler Ability to turn off the computer after the end of recording Ability to use the remote control to work with other applications Russian-language interface Support for Windows XP MCE 2005 Support for Windows XP 64x Edition Additional software included.


Connecting a TV antenna via an adapter Unsuccessful FM antenna included in the delivery set.

The release of GOTVIEW PCI DVD2 Lite is somewhat of a landmark event. As expected, after its appearance, this tuner became the most affordable device with support for hardware compression in MPEG1 / 2. The difference in price between it and such models as AVerTV Studio Model 507 or Behold TV 507 RDS can hardly be called fundamental. Of course, PCI DVD2 Lite is not without some drawbacks, but in many cases the choice between it and a slightly inferior tuner without hardware compression seems obvious. It remains only to wait for the Compro VideoMate H900 to appear in retail and its final price, to find out if there is another place in such a cozy market niche..

For clarity, we present a comparison of prices with the main competitors in this price category..

P. S .: According to the information received from the manufacturer before the release of the review, the following batches of GOTVIEW PCI DVD2 Lite will be equipped with a dipole FM antenna.

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