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Laser hair removal forever: reviews of Epilike clinics

Laser hair removal forever: reviews of Epilike clinics

Deciding on something new can be difficult. Reviews of laser hair removal LightSheer DUET will dispel all doubts about this procedure!

Tortured by Google with requests for “hair removal forever reviews” and “laser hair removal reviews”? You are doing the right thing: in order to try a new procedure, you need to collect all the information about it. Let’s try to figure out how true the promises are to get rid of excess hair forever and why there are those who have not been helped by laser hair removal.

Hair Removal Permanently – Patient Evaluation.

Reviews of permanent laser hair removal are often controversial. Someone on the Web complains about the complete lack of result even after several procedures, someone uploads frightening photos with skin burns, someone has age spots after the procedure. Why is this happening?

There are several important points to know about laser hair removal..

1. The quality of hair removal directly depends on the type of laser used. • Alexandrite is good at destroying dark hair on the condition of light skin. But the alexandrite laser is contraindicated even with a slight tan: the darker the skin around the hairs, the more it absorbs the radiation of this device and the higher the risk of burns. This laser simply does not “see” thin light hairs on light skin, therefore it is useless for blondes. • The neodymium laser has the strongest and longest beams. They destroy all follicles as efficiently as possible, even for light and red hair (which is the most problematic to remove) for any skin type. However, due to the high strength of the action, the procedures on this laser are very painful, it can cause irritation, swelling and redness of the skin. • With the LightSheer DUET diode laser, hair removal forever, according to experts and the world’s best clinics, has finally become a reality. It combines power and efficiency with absolute painlessness and safety. In our clinics, hair removal with LightSheer DUET is called Epilike epilation. .

2. Seasonality. Direct sunlight after laser exposure can provoke skin overheating, burns and pigmentation disorders. Therefore, hair removal with alexandrite and neodymium lasers is highly discouraged in the summer. LightSheer DUET is recognized as the first laser safe for dark skin, so Epilike can be done all year round.

3. The originality of the apparatus. Inexpensive analogs of laser systems available to most average beauty salons often show unsatisfactory results. It is on such devices to remove hair forever, according to reviews, it is not possible.

Laser epilation: responses about Epilike clinics

Everyone who has gone through at least one procedure on LightSheer DUET speaks of it with delight. Our beloved patients, including stellar patients, are also such lucky ones. The principle of operation of Epilike clinics: you get perfectly smooth skin without coarse growing hairs – and we are happy to read reviews about hair removal forever in our clinics.

 Blogger Elena Maksudi: “Light Sheer DUET. It’s just space!”

 Presenter Arina Gorankova: “The most important thing is that it doesn’t hurt at all! Not a bit!))”

 Actress Irina Antonenko: “Who said summer is over? Summer is just beginning with @epilike)))”

Join them too! It is quite easy to take advantage of the best epilation course. Join our groups on social networks, participate in contests, win bonuses and procedures – and leave your feedback on hair removal forever at Epilike clinics!

Feedback from our clients.

I got enough sleep after the laser hair removal procedure. Yes, it is so painless – that you can fall asleep ?? I advise all girls! Prices have become even more affordable. the super active @doctor_grigorieva opens @epilike salons one by one – so it’s also convenient in terms of location. p.s. @Ginger_ellle and I designed a fun interior for Epilike with a super positive design code – come and see it.

Girls, the question is, do you have a beautician? At my 33, I still haven’t had a permanent one. And, I must admit, except for rare face cleansing, I do not do any procedures. It was all the more interesting to get into the @epilike clinic when I was offered to test the nursing procedures. In general, the network of these clinics specializes in laser hair removal, so whoever planned, I recommend looking at their page. So the face. We started with diagnostics with a special apparatus, which took photos of individual areas of the face, and then, using a special program, we assessed the condition of the skin, its structure, the depth of wrinkles, vessels and melanin. So, it turned out that in the near future I can not be afraid of age spots, but the vascular mesh is not very much. and I need some kind of cream with Vit C to prevent the appearance of blood vessels on the skin. In general, diagnostics is a cool thing, on the basis of diagnostics they gave me recommendations for further care, and, Hurray! found out the cause of one skin problem that has bothered me for a long time. Then I was given ultrasonic cleaning and after-care anti-aging program. @Epilike clinics work on the American professional cosmetics HydroPeptide. This is a cosmetics based on peptides with regulatory properties that can influence the aging process. It is very active, for example, after applying the products of the line to the face, there is a pronounced tingling and tingling of the skin, which disappears as it is absorbed, which indicates the work of peptides. I had a mask, serum and cream. Needless to say, I flew out of the clinic like a young 18-year-old girl)) with delicate skin and a healthy complexion. contented and happy.

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