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Materials for the construction of the foundation. Review of interesting new products on the market.

Materials for the construction of the foundation. Overview of interesting new products on the market.

The use of a pile-screw foundation allows you to build a reliable foundation for a country house in 1-2 days, even in swampy areas and in areas with a large elevation difference. Installation of screw piles is carried out in all weather conditions and at any time of the year. This allows you to build wooden, frame and brick cottages in winter, and not wait for the start of the new construction season. In addition, the use of a pile-screw foundation makes it possible to do without large-scale earthworks and the use of specialized construction equipment. This allows you to keep the site in its original form and reduce construction costs.

For the construction of this type of foundation, HelixPro screw piles are used, manufactured in accordance with the norms and standards of the enterprise. The company produces screw piles with different shaft diameters, blades and pile lengths. This allows you to choose a pile-screw foundation for different structures and soil types. The company “HELIX” also produces hot-dip galvanized piles and piles coated with a two-component, highly structured epoxy enamel with a high content of non-volatile substances. Such a coating provides high corrosion resistance to the piles, which increases the service life of the pile-screw foundation. All products have appropriate certificates.

Among the advantages of the pile-screw foundation are:

The foundation on screw piles can be used on peaty, sandy, clayey and other types of soil, except for rocky and stony. The piles can be screwed in and out several times, which allows them to be used for the installation of temporary structures. The screw-pile foundation can be used for reconstruction or repair of an emergency foundation. The pile-screw foundation allows you to build houses on “problem” soil and swampy areas. Also, screw piles are used for the construction of piers and berths..

TechnoNICOL Corporation offers a special solution that ensures the tightness of horizontal and vertical expansion joints during the construction of foundations – the TN-FUNDAMENT Flex system .

The system allows you to effectively solve the problem of tightness of expansion joints, redistributing the load on the foundation, arising from various deformations. Expansion joints are an integral part of almost every foundation. Their arrangement is especially important in regions with increased seismic activity, unstable soils, unstable climate with strong temperature drops. Also, they must be provided for in the construction of buildings with variable number of storeys. Waterproofing of expansion joints, made according to the TN-FUNDAMENT Flex system, effectively protects underground structures from destruction, which ensures the durability of the building and reliable protection of the foundation from aggressive environmental influences for many years.

The compensating element in the system design is made of TECHNOELAST FLEX. Due to the SBS-modified mixture included in its composition without filler, the material has a special elasticity (over 1000%) and low melt viscosity. These qualities make it easier to work with it when installing expansion joints in foundation structures. A loop in the system is formed using a sealing cord PRP.

The system is suitable for all types of foundations, where as a waterproofing membrane, a bio-resistant roll-on waterproofing material TECHNOELAST EPP, which is fused in 2 layers, using a propane burner, is used. Or the bitumen-polymer material TECHNOELAST TERRA, mounted both by the traditional method of continuous deposition and by the method of mechanical fixation to the base (free-laying method).

Among the features of the materials used for the construction of the system are:

TECHNOELAST EPP can protect the foundation in conditions of cold polar night, continuous pressure of technogenic groundwater or simply aggressive acid-alkaline soil environment in a modern metropolis. TECHNOELAST TERRA has increased bursting characteristics – this allows the material to withstand the loads acting on it (water, mechanical, static, etc.) even with a single-layer installation. Thanks to the production technology, the period of maintenance-free operation of materials is more than 60 years. For better adhesion of the waterproofing material to the base in the system, it is recommended to use “TechnoNICOL bitumen primer No. 01” or “TechnoNICOL bitumen emulsion primer No. 04”.

Any builder is well aware of the destructive consequences that excess moisture has on the foundation. To minimize the access of water to concrete structures, it is necessary to install a drainage system. The basis of such a system can be single-layer and two-layer polypropylene drainage pipes with and without a geofilter, for example, such as POLYTRON ProDren from Ego Engineering. .

Polypropylene pipes POLYTRON ProDren are corrugated perforated pipes with stiffening ribs and a large number of small holes located in the groove of the corrugation. This structure allows pipelines to evenly distribute soil pressure and, without damaging the pipe structure, to accept additional loads. The presence of small holes allows you to quickly and efficiently collect excess water for its removal. Polypropylene pipes have high corrosion resistance, which is one of the main advantages, given that they are constantly in an aggressive environment. Drainage pipes are highly durable and resistant to adverse conditions. Geofilter pipes resist clogging and silting.

The main advantages of POLYTRON ProDren drainage pipes:

flexibility and elasticity at low temperatures; long service life (more than 50 years); high seismic resistance; chemical resistance; environmental friendliness.

In modern construction conditions, concrete mixtures modified with special additives are often used. Such additives allow many times to improve the characteristics of both the mixture and the concrete itself, as well as to give them unique properties that they did not have before. Sikament BV 3M plasticizer from Sika can be such an additive. .

Plasticizers and superplasticizers are the most common additives used in concreting and professional construction. The concrete mix modified with plasticizers increases the mobility, which simplifies the work aimed at laying, compacting and smoothing the poured concrete. In this case, the mixture occupies the entire internal space in the formwork, which negates the possibility of voids and, as a result, cracks. In addition, plasticizers can reduce the amount of water required when preparing the mixture, which has a beneficial effect on the final strength and durability of concrete and, accordingly, the foundation..

Sika’s experts advise: do not increase the plasticity and mobility of concrete by introducing additional amount of water into it. This has a negative or unpredictable effect on the strength and quality of the structures being built..

To solve the problem associated with the low mobility of the concrete mixture and its workability, you can use a plasticizer, which has proven itself well in professional construction..

The features of the Sikament BV 3M plasticizer include:

The additive has good compatibility with various types of cement and low consumption: a 50-kg bag of cement will require only 200 to 500 grams of additive, and a 5-liter canister of plasticizer is enough to modify up to 7 m3 of concrete. Even such a small amount of additive can increase the mobility of the mixture by 10-12 times. Before using the supplement, carefully read the instructions on the label. The main thing to look for when preparing the solution is the correct dosage of the additive. Often, builders, who have not read the instructions carefully, measure the amount of the additive relative to the mixture as a whole, while it must be measured relative to the cement..

To reliably protect the foundation and basement walls from the destructive effects of water, they must be waterproofed. You can use for this rigid waterproofing OSNOVIT HARDSCRIN T-63 from the company “Sedrus” .

Rigid waterproofing can be used for waterproofing critical structures of foundations, basements, basements, hydraulic engineering and treatment facilities. It can also be used for waterproofing swimming pools. waterproofing can even come into contact with drinking water.

Among the advantages of this product are:

A reliable waterproof barrier is created in the path of the water. The material is resistant to salts. After application and hardening, the waterproofing layer withstands high mechanical stress. The layer is characterized by high frost resistance and is not subject to the harmful effects of atmospheric phenomena. Waterproofing can be used for both indoor and outdoor use. Rigid waterproofing is ideal for renovation and renovation work on old buildings.

The surfaces to be treated must not be wet. The optimum thickness of the waterproofing layer is 3-4 mm. The hardening process lasts at least a day. In this case, the following recommendations must be followed:

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