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A well-chosen computer desk will be a pleasant addition to the interior of any home. In addition to the aesthetic role, a table with a wide surface and many additional functions will allow a child to freely do homework, an adult to work at home. And during leisure hours, this interior detail can be used for computer games..

Convenience and ease of use, a variety of textures and colors, an abundance of styles and models of designs determine the popularity of computer tables among buyers in furniture stores.

How to choose the right computer desk.

The quality of the purchased furniture lies in the details, therefore, when choosing a model, it is worth paying attention to absolutely all the little things:

Table dimensions with all auxiliary elements. Be sure to take measurements of the space allotted for the installation of new furniture before buying..

It is important that after placing the table for the user (child or adult) there is free space. Working at a computer involves spending a long time in a sitting position, so comfort comes first.

The width and shape of the table top. The rules for working on a PC provide for a number of requirements, including the distance from the user’s eyes to the monitor. In order for these conditions to be met, it is necessary to measure the countertop across.

Table height. Again, you need to return to the rules of safe work at the PC: the back of the seated person should not experience strong tension, and the gaze should be directed slightly downward..

Taking into account the future location of the table in the layout of the room. It is important that the light falls on the work surface from the left, so you need to take this fact into account..

In addition to technical characteristics, attention should be paid to aesthetic indicators. The computer desk should fit into the overall interior of the house or room, match in color and texture.

Compliance with these conditions is especially important when choosing furniture for a children’s room. After all, the formation of posture, visual reaction and performance of the child is the main task in which personal details of the interior play a primary role..

The most famous table models.

Furniture fittings manufacturers offer their customers a huge selection of models of all colors, styles and types. Photos of all available computer tables are usually presented in catalogs of large stores, for example, in IKEA stores.

Corner computer tables. Straight shape (linear table). U-shaped table. Small computer desk. Superstructure table.

Each of the presented models has its own features of practical application, advantages and disadvantages..

The choice of material for tables.

The material from which the main part of the computer desk is made is also worth paying attention to. Indicators of resistance to moisture, deformation and fire, environmental standards and structural strength are important factors..

Chipboard tables.

The most common option. Popular with manufacturers and buyers due to the low cost of raw materials and easy handling of the material.

Chipboard tables, covered with an additional coating, resistant to deformation and high humidity.

Natural wood.

The Swedish company IKEA produces its computer tables from high-quality wood species, which is a kind of manufacturer’s brand. Furniture is distinguished by indicators of environmental safety, rich texture and color, a variety of forms.

But the main advantage of wooden furniture from IKEA is the observance of the anatomical proportions of the human body for comfortable work..

Glass and metal.

Combinations of materials in the design of computer tables are used more often for the production of office furniture, but for home interiors they are also an excellent choice..

The disadvantage is the thoroughness and frequency of cleaning, since the glass surface is very sensitive to dirt.

Veneer tables.

Furniture made from this material is an alternative to expensive options, mainly due to the beautiful and elegant design of furniture.

The tables have a relatively low market value, but the cheapness affects the quality of the products. The surface of products is extremely sensitive to mechanical damage and high humidity.

Plastic tables.

Only the tabletop is made of plastic, but at the same time this is the main advantage of this model of a computer desk. This surface is very easy to clean, it is durable and resistant to moisture..

A wood or metal frame will provide stability for your computer desk. Very often, children’s play computer tables or small tables for children are made of plastic..

MDF table.

In production, a more expensive material is used than when using chipboard. However, the table models are distinguished by their pronounced durability, excellent environmental performance and beautiful design..

Metal canvas table.

The model is rare, but convenient in practical use. Resistant to mechanical damage, but requires protection from moisture and rust.

Before buying a computer desk, you should evaluate the real pros and cons of the practical use of each table model presented..

Choosing the shape of the countertop.

In addition to the length and cross-section of the tabletop, its shape is also important, which determines the possibility of placing improvised means on the table..

The most famous forms are:

Rectangular models.

The classic version, often used both for a child’s room and for an adult’s office. The most favorable location along the wall near the window opening. If necessary, there is the possibility of additional mounts.

Rectangular with central user recess.

The border gently wraps around the chair at the table, allowing the seated person to perform their actions within a radius of 1800. The layout is similar to the previous model.

Triangular countertops.

Convenient model for rooms with limited space, since the structure allows you to install a table in the corner of the room (provided there is sufficient lighting).

L-shaped countertop option.

One “shoulder” of the countertop is longer than the other. Advantage of use – enough space for scrap materials.

There are other forms of computer tables on the furniture market, because the designer’s imagination is limitless. However, the most famous models are presented for consideration..

How to assemble a computer desk yourself.

Purchase and delivery of purchased furniture is not always associated with computer desk assembly services.

It is necessary to prepare a set of screwdrivers, assembly instructions. Disassemble the parts into large components (panels, table top, support legs) and small elements (fasteners, drawer handles). Connect the frame elements: support parts, drawers and shelves. Place the tabletop on the assembled table frame. The assembly process is guided by the finished photo available in the instructions..

Assembling the table is a simple process, the main thing is to correctly determine the sequence of joining the parts.

Choosing a computer desk for a child.

In the case of choosing a table for a children’s room, the attention of parents should be directed to all the details and features: technical characteristics, material, texture and even color.

The height of the table should not be lower than 70 cm and higher than 100 cm. The anatomical features of the child’s spine and back muscles dictate the need to observe sitting at the table during long-term work. Correct countertop depth. This takes into account the distance factor from the student’s eyes to the surface of the monitor. The minimum depth is 80 cm. The tilt angle of the screen. To comply with this rule, it is not necessary to change the angle of the monitor itself; it is enough to choose the correct computer desk according to the required parameters. The optimal angle of inclination for the eyes is 300. Do not give preference to too small models, as the child is threatened with numbness of the legs during prolonged work. The width and shape of the table top for the correct position of the hands, as well as the rational use of the work space. It is advisable to purchase a footrest complete with the table. It is better to stop the choice on computer tables with an add-on: this way you can provide the maximum workplace for the child student.

Correctly selected computer table optimizes the educational process of the child, preserving his health.

How to choose a gaming table.

A gaming computer table is chosen according to the same requirements as children’s furniture. The reason for this situation is the long-term presence of a human gamer at the table..

Dimensions of the computer desk. Tabletop and support structure parameters. Arrangement of auxiliary elements (drawers, footrests, light sources).

In addition, a prerequisite for choosing a gaming table is the angle of inclination of the monitor, since the safety of vision is a primary task.

Computer tables have gained popularity and special relevance in connection with the rapid development of information technology. A person uses a PC for completely different purposes: work, study and search for information, play activities, leisure and hobbies.

In the context of the rapidly increasing popularity of computers and Internet networks, a properly organized workplace will be the key to success and preservation of health..

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