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1. REFINE THE AVAILABILITY OF GOODS IN THE WAREHOUSE. After placing the order, the administrator will contact you. Or check availability right now in the online chat or by phone +7 978 263 24 45 (Viber)


Children’s photo sessions are always very touching and interesting, especially if they take place by the sea and support the marine theme, which we especially dearly love.

Our little client Varyusha, like all children, is cheerful, cheerful and playful!

Curls, fragments of braids, ribbons, beads – and now the naughty hairstyle is ready!

The blue and white color scheme is directly related to the nautical style, within the framework of which we created the image..

The main advantages of Global Keratin products include:

The ability to regenerate the damaged structure of the hair shaft. Hair gets a natural shine. Global Keratin Hair has no contraindications for use, and no side effects have been identified. The result is visible almost instantly after application. Thanks to Keratin Global, you can guarantee that the most unruly hair becomes perfectly smooth. In this case, the structure of the hair does not change. The products are suitable for any type of hair, they are successfully applied on colored, streaked hair, after a perm, etc. It is not difficult to take care with Gkhair even at home. The result lasts for a fairly long period of time (from three months to six months).

The manufacturer took molecular collagen and keratin as the basis for the composition of the Global Keratin brand, which serve to maintain healthy hair. Over the years, the content of natural keratin in human hair inevitably decreases. Also, frequent dyeing, perm, etc. leads to a decrease in natural keratin in hair. This inevitably leads to brittle hair, loss of healthy appearance..

“Global Keratin” care products are able to quickly and efficiently restore the balance of keratin, restore health and attractive appearance to hair. The creatine contained in the preparations fills the empty space between the scales of damaged hair and forms a reliable protection in the form of a collagen film.

The high efficiency and complete safety of this method for hair care and restoration has been proven not only in the course of numerous scientific studies and tests, but also in practice..

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