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Overview of corner kitchen cabinets, views and dimensional drawings.

Overview of corner kitchen cabinets, views and dimensional drawings.

Corner cabinets are popular furnishings for taking up space not normally used for any purpose. They can be created in a variety of materials and styles, making them a great option for any kitchen. The installed corner kitchen cabinet has different types, sizes, drawings that you can choose at your discretion.

Design features.

The positive parameters of using a corner cabinet include:

due to its use, the useful area of ​​the room is significantly increased, since the installation is carried out in a place that is not used for any other purposes or installation of other furnishings; although visually, the kitchen base cabinet designed for a corner is small in size, in fact it is distinguished by excellent spaciousness and versatility, as it is equipped with different shelves, drawers or compartments for storing various products or utensils; the sizes of kitchen cabinets can be different, which makes it possible to choose the best option for the room; different methods can be used to decorate the facade, so they can be equipped with different decor or even made of glass, which has a positive effect on the appearance of the kitchen; if a corner kitchen is chosen, then the kitchen set already includes corner cabinets for installation on the floor or for hanging on the wall, so they are ideally combined with other elements; in the kitchen, such a design always looks interesting, harmonious and stylish.

To create an interesting appearance of the room, a floor corner piece of furniture is usually combined with a wall cabinet..

Other features of such furniture include:

the corner structure is equipped with doors or created without them, and only attractive and beautiful dishes should be stored in open models; the shape of such a locker can be triangular, trapezoidal or L-shaped, and the choice depends on the preferences of the property owners; certain models are equipped with drawers in which small items can be stored, therefore, the compact design is combined with good spaciousness; usually the bottom element is used under the sink; often, various large household appliances can be mounted in such a cabinet, which allows you to effectively use it in the kitchen; different methods can be used to decorate the facade, for example, applying a pattern with a sandblaster or upholstery with leather or fabric; the lower elements can be equipped with legs or released without them, and in the first case, ease of cleaning the room is ensured.

Cabinets equipped with carousel shelves are considered interesting, as they are an ideal solution for storing dishes..

Dimensions depending on the type.

The dimensions of these structures may vary. If they are part of a headset, they are ideally sized to be connected to other elements. If selected separately, they must match the rest of the straight cabinets. The dimensions of a corner piece of furniture may differ depending on whether it is a floor-standing or wall-mounted.


If an upper corner cabinet is chosen, then its dimensions are equal:

usually these elements are not used for the installation of large-sized household appliances, it is allowed to make them not too strong and roomy; the width can vary from 15 to 80 cm, and this parameter depends on the shape of the cabinet, since it can be triangular, trapezoidal, L-shaped or some other; the depth is standardly 35 cm, but when choosing it, the depth of the lower drawers is taken into account, since these elements must be perfectly combined with each other, otherwise the kitchen will not look harmonious; It is recommended to attach a corner wall cabinet for the kitchen at a distance of about 50 cm from the lower pedestals, but a deviation of 5 cm in different directions is allowed.

The above dimensions are considered standard and common, but it is allowed to choose designs that have completely different dimensions, since the main factor is that they must be roomy, easy to use and attractive. The corner structure can be so small that it can be placed in a small niche if there is one in the room. It is often attached over the hob, so it will be used to store different spoons or scoops used in the preparation of various dishes. When choosing a facade, it is taken into account that there may be one door or several of these elements. It is allowed to choose models that are not equipped with doors.


If a lower cabinet is selected, then the dimensions will be standard:

sizes are selected depending on the parameters of the selected kitchen set, and it is recommended to take into account the dimensions, height and other parameters of the stove, which can be gas or electric; if the kitchen is small, then it is advisable to choose a depth not exceeding 50 cm; the standard height is 85 cm, but it is allowed to adjust this parameter in certain cabinets, since for many people this height is considered too significant; the width varies from 15 to 80 cm, and the optimal indicator is 60 cm.

An interesting solution would be to buy an angular structure equal in size to 600×600 mm, which will have optimal dimensions, so it will be really convenient to use it..

Usually the bottom element is installed after the top is attached. The bottom structure should be symmetrical to the top one. It is allowed to select an element with or without legs.

Under the sink.

Quite often, floor corner products are chosen for a sink. Their sizes can differ significantly, since they depend on what dimensions the sink itself will have. It is taken into account in what way the structure will be fixed, since you can buy a mortise or overhead sink. Due to the large number of different sinks, there are certain difficulties with the competent choice of the optimal cabinet, so it is advisable to initially choose a sink, and then the piece of furniture.

For such cabinets, the standard dimensions are considered optimal, but if you want to get any unusual design, then all the parameters are calculated individually. The width can exceed 60 cm, and the depth even reaches 80 cm, although it will be difficult to use such a cabinet. Usually, for large products, two fronts are selected for washing, but you can choose a model with one door. An excellent choice for any room would be Madeleine’s kitchen, which has an interesting look, affordable cost and high quality..


A standard corner piece of furniture has different parameters. It can be mounted or floor-standing, and is also created from a variety of materials. The most popular is considered to be an angular structure made of natural wood, but its cost will be extremely high. It is required to constantly protect the wooden product from moisture, which is not always optimal for the kitchen.

An excellent choice would be products made of laminated MDF or plastic. When determining the optimal dimensions, the recommendations of professionals are taken into account:

the width of the base, which varies from 10 to 12 cm, and this indicator is not influenced by the selected type of stand, therefore, both a structure with legs and a solid cabinet can be selected; the height is usually selected within 70 cm, but if the product will be equipped with a sink, then it is advisable to choose a lower design so that, due to the sink, a single level is achieved with all other cabinets that are part of the kitchen set, and also with a lower element, ease of washing dishes is ensured; the height of the countertop can be from 2 to 4 cm, and this parameter depends on what material was used for its production, as well as what structure it has; the width also varies from 40 to 80 cm, and this parameter is influenced by the shape of the corner cabinet, the filling of the element, since it may contain not only shelves, but also drawers, as well as other storage systems; the depth varies from 30 to 50 cm, and it is chosen depending on the same parameter of other straight cabinets installed side by side.

Thus, the dimensions of corner cabinets can vary significantly. They depend on numerous factors, and initially the convenience of using the structure for its intended purpose should be taken into account, and this especially applies to the cabinet, which will be equipped with a sink, since the convenience of washing dishes depends on the correct choice of dimensions..

The distance between the lower and upper corner cabinet is standardly 60 cm, but this parameter can be easily changed, since it takes into account how tall a regular kitchen user has.

Measurements and drawing.

Corner kitchen cabinets come in many different sizes, come in numerous designs, and there are various drawings from which they can be made. When choosing the dimensions, you need to make the correct measurements, and it is also advisable to make a kitchen diagram so as not to be mistaken with the choice. In this case, the recommendations taken into account when drawing up a drawing and taking measurements are taken into account:

The thickness of the shelves is chosen depending on what items will be stored on them. It is advisable to depict on the diagram whether the corner structure will accommodate household appliances or light spices. Standard shelves are equal in thickness to 18 cm, and if heavy items are stored, then it is advisable to choose a thickness of 21 cm. The depth of hanging boxes should not exceed 40 cm.It is taken into account that there are usually elements in the corner for connecting to communication systems, so it is often impossible to arrange any large objects in corner cabinets, since different pipes or wires are stacked here. It is not allowed to hang the wall cabinet low if there is a kitchen stove under it. This is especially important if the structure is made of plastic, since the material begins to melt under the influence of high temperature. The standard size of the corner cabinet is 60×60 cm, and the width of the facade is 42 cm, and the depth with such dimensions is equal to 30 cm.

Corner cabinets are considered a great choice for any kitchen. They are presented in many models, therefore, the corner kitchen cabinet and views, the dimensions of the drawings are different. During the selection, a lot of attention is paid to the dimensions, so that the products are convenient to use and they are roomy. It is preliminarily recommended to create a special drawing of the kitchen, according to which all the elements for installation in this room are selected, as well as the cabinet in the kitchen.

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