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Rating of the best washing machines for quality and reliability.

Rating of the best washing machines for quality and reliability.

The best and most popular automatic washing machines of 2019-2020.

The best top-loading washing machines The best under-sink washing machines The best miniature wall-mounted washing machines The best ultra-compact front-loading washing machines 29-36 cm deep The best “narrow” automatic (40-43 cm) front-loading washing machines The best washing machines front-loading medium (44-47 cm) The best full-size front-loading washing machines The best tumble dryers The best built-in washing machines The best premium washing machines.

What questions should you ask yourself before buying a washing machine? What will you wash and where are you going to put the car. The set of necessary functions depends on this, the type of load, the required dimensions of the machine, the volume of the tank, the maximum weight of the laundry..

We analyzed data on purchases of washing machines in Russia in 2020 and selected for you the best ones according to the reviews of experts and ordinary users. When selecting models, both the official test results (Rostest) and customer reviews about the best quality and reliability washing machines were taken into account. The rating was assigned based on the results of the analysis of a set of indicators, including ease of use, reliability, value for money and quality.

Rating of the best washing machines in early 2021.

Category Place Name Rating Price The best top-loading washing machines 1 Electrolux EW6T4R262 9.4 / 10 35 060 2 Zanussi ZWY 51024 СI 9.3 / 10 29 997 3 Whirlpool TDLR 70220 9.2 / 10 35 070 4 Indesit BTW A61052 9.2 / 10 23 700 The best washing machines for installation under the sink 1 Candy Aquamatic 2D1140-07 9.4 / 10 19 165 2 Electrolux EWC 1350 9.0 / 10 65 990 The best miniature wall-mounted washing machines 1 Daewoo Electronics DWD-CV701 PC 9.5 / 10 22 145 The best ultra-compact washing machines with a depth of 29-36 cm front loading 1 LG F1096SDS0 9.5 / 10 23 390 2 Candy GVS34 126TC2 / 2 9.4 / 10 19 150 3 Indesit IWUB 4085 9.3 / 10 14 170 The best “narrow” automatic washing machines (40-43 cm) with front loading 1 Bosch WLG 20261 9.6 / 10 23 194 2 Gorenje WEI62SDS 9.5 / 10 28 990 3 Bosch WLG 20060 9.4 / 10 22 800 Best medium front-loading washing machines (44-47 cm) 1 Siemens WS12T540OE 9.8 / 10 48 910 2 LG Steam F2M5HS4W 9.8 / 10 25 650 3 Bosch WHA222W2OE 9.7 / 10 43 990 4 LG F-10B8MD 9.6 / 10 21 980 5 Samsung WW70R62LVTW 9.5 / 10 39 900 Best full size front-loading washing machines 1 Bosch WAW 32540 9.9 / 10 55 000 2 LG AI DD F4V5VS9B 9.8 / 10 37 100 3 Electrolux EW7F3R48S 9.7 / 10 71 240 The best washing machines with a drying function 1 LG F2T5HG2S 9.7 / 10 48 590 2 Electrolux EW7WR447W 9.6 / 10 64 263 3 Candy GVSW40 364TWHC 9.5 / 10 24 915 4 Samsung WD80K5410OW / OS 9.4 / Hotpoint-Ariston FDD 9640 B 9.4 / 10 59 900 6 Indesit XWDA 751680X W 9.3 / 10 45 368 The best built-in washing machines 1 Smeg LSTA147S 9.9 / 10 129 990 2 Bosch WIW 24340 9.8 / 10 90 990 3 Beko WITV 8712 XWG 9.6 / 10 42 990 The best premium washing machines 1 Kuppersbusch WA 1940.0 AT 10/10 278 550 2 Siemens WM 16Y892 9.9 / 10 99 540.

The best top-loading washing machines.

Electrolux EW6T4R262.

The rating of the best washing machines of 2021 opens with a classic freestanding washing machine with a top load type and good functionality. Supports up to 6 kg dry laundry, spin – adjustable with an upper value of 1200 rpm. Produced by EW6T4R262 in Poland.

Electrolux also has its own proprietary feature. – Time Manager function. With its help, the duration of the program can be adjusted, allowing you to save time or energy and water. Also, the SensiCare system will help to optimize the wash cycle in accordance with the current load, and the SoftPlus option will help keep the laundry soft and fresh. Control type – electronic with display and rotary controller. Fuzzy Logic technology supported.

The suite of programs is pretty interesting. In addition to the usual options for cotton, synthetics and wool, there are Fast, Duvets, Silk, Denim, Sports, Jackets and even Antiallergenic cycle with steam. Additional functions are clearly useful: Prewash, Rinse, Easy to iron, Stop with water, Night mode.

Energy class – A +++; Delayed start function; Automatic top parking of the drum flaps and their smooth opening; Imbalance suppression system; Child lock.

Simple universal motor; Noisy work.

Zanussi ZWY 51024 СI.

The top of the best washing machines is replenished with a product from the Italian manufacturer, which is part of the Electrolux group of companies, therefore it is technologically similar to devices under the name of the once Swedish, and now international brand. The model is relatively simple in terms of characteristics, but the price tag is quite democratic. For some, this can be a decisive factor when choosing.

The loading of the ZWY 51024 СI washing machine is vertical, respectively, the dimensions are standard-compact: height – 89, depth – 60 cm wide and only 40 cm wide. The lid opens upwards, so a lot of installation space is not required. Maximum allowable amount of laundry by weight – 5.5 kg (for cotton), spin up to 1000 rpm.

Washing programs are not so many: classic by type of fabric, Delicate, Mix, Eco, «Refresh 20», 30 minute mini. But they are definitely honest without duplicates, which are sometimes simply designated in different ways, in order to create the appearance of extended functionality. Auxiliary Modes: Acceleration of the QuickWash Cycle, Extra. rinse, Light ironing, delayed start for 3-6-9 hours.

Energy efficiency class – A-20% or A ++; Airflow technology to prevent the appearance of bad odors, mildew and mildew in the drum; Separate controls for temperature and spin speed; Convenient location of the powder receptacle (above the drum, not on the hinged lid); Production – Poland (Slovak assembly from competitors is not very happy lately).

No countdown display; Standard motor type.

Zanussi ZWY 50924 СI – analogue with spinning 900 rpm Zanussi ZWY 61224 CI – loading up to 6 kg, up to 1200 rpm. Spin Zanussi ZWQ 61226 CI – version with display (countdown timer), 6 kg, 1200 rpm. for spinning.

Whirlpool TDLR 70220.

The rating of the best vertical washing machines continues with a stylish and functional model from a well-known brand. Made in classic white color, equipped with a convenient and understandable control panel with a digital display, indicators, rotary programmer and buttons for selecting auxiliary modes.

The calling card of Whirlpool washing machines, and TDLR 70220 in particular, 6th Sense technology™. Its essence is to optimize processes using intelligent sensors in accordance with the type of fabric, the amount of laundry. Result – saving time, energy and water. Other cool features – Color 15° for gentle washing of synthetic fabrics while maintaining vibrant colors and Fresh Care (keeping them fresh).

The main programs 14. In addition to the classic ones, there are such interesting options as Jeans, Sports, Office wear, Fast 30’, Economical and Colored underwear. Additional modes – Fast, Delayed start (up to 24 hours), Intensive rinse. Maximum spin – 1200 rpm.

High efficiency, quiet and economical inverter motor; Loading – up to 7 kg; Smooth drum opening; Quite comfortable noise level – 54/76 dBA; Protection against accidental leaks.

Residual water in the powder receptacle; Only 2 of 4 legs are adjustable in height.

Indesit BTW A61052.

A budget, but quite decent version of the top-loading washing machine. Unlike frontal Lipetsk «relatives» made by Indesit BTW A61052 in Slovakia, where the lion’s share is produced «upright» most famous brands.

With the characteristics, everything is more or less standard: capacity up to 6 kg of dry laundry, electronic control, maximum spin – 1000 rpm, it is possible to choose 800, 600, 400 or cancel. The main washing modes are usual: cotton, synthetics, wool. But there are also specialized ones: Turn & Wash (cotton + synthetics 30° over 45´), Delicate 30°, Colored 40°, Eco Cotton 40° and 60°.

Of «special stages»: prewash, intensive wash (for heavily soiled laundry), Eco, add rinse, delay timer up to 12 hours. The drum is traditionally made of stainless steel, the water tank is polymer. Brand warranty for the car – standard 12 months.

Affordable prices; Wash – class A, spin – C, energy efficiency – A ++; 12 programs; Foam control, protection against overflow, overheating; Sunroof lock, self-diagnosis indicators.

Lack of a display, as a result, a countdown timer; Decent noise level – 60/78 dB.

Indesit BTW D61253 – more expensive, there is a Small Digit display, spinning 1200 rpm, energy efficiency A +++ (153 kWh / year), noise level 59/76 dB.

The best under-sink washing machines.

Candy Aquamatic 2D1140-07.

The 70 cm high machine fits under a special sink, even in a small bathroom. The depth is only 46 cm. The 16 programs of this model allow you to wash any garment in it. There is an anti-allergic Aqua + setting. Rinsing laundry very thoroughly thanks to additional settings. Frontal, freestanding only, loading up to 4 kg, up to 1100 rpm, 51x46x70 cm.

compactness; fits comfortably under the sink; high quality washing and spinning; convenient control, there is a display; delayed start up to 24 hours; there is protection from children; many additional useful functions (economy, delicate fabrics, wool washing, etc.); you can select the washing temperature.

no drying; program delay step in 1 hour.

Candy Aqua 2D1040-07 – analogue with spinning 1000 rpm Candy Aqua 114D2-07 ​​- 17 programs, slightly more drum volume (30 liters versus 27), less body depth 45 cm (versus 46.3)

Electrolux EWC 1350.

Checked in class «mini» and a well-known international concern. The height of the model in question is 67 cm, width 49, depth 51.5. So you can insert this washing machine under the sink, in a suitable niche, or wherever the dimensions indicated allow. Model made in Poland. Everything would be fine, but Electrolux is familiar «pulled up» the price. However, whoever wants a miniature device, certainly released in the EC, should be ready to fork out.

Loading is predictably small – up to 3 kg. But the speed indicators of the spin – decent for such «babies» 1300 rpm. The program set is quite complete: Cotton, Synthetics, Wool with different temperature modes, as well as Hand, Delicate and Fast 30 washing. The manufacturer promises complete dissolution of detergents in the process of work, good energy efficiency of class A, adequate water consumption – 39 l per cycle.

Delayed start function; Imbalance control system; Customizable spin – only drain, stop with water, 400, 700, 900, 1300 revolutions; Declared noise – 54/76 dB; All 4 legs are height adjustable.

There is no display with a countdown timer; Washing class – B.

Best Miniature Wall Mounted Washing Machines.

Daewoo Electronics DWD-CV701 PC.

An original solution from a Korean manufacturer, breaking in a sense the stereotypes about automatic washing machines. Daewoo DWD-CV701PC – it is a miniature device for wall mounting, weighing only 16.5 kg and dimensions (WxHxD) 55x60x29 cm.Accordingly, the problem of an acute shortage of free space for installation is no longer insoluble.

Cute design, large door, star drum, quiet brushless inverter motor – worthy attributes of a modern device. The washing machine can also be used as an auxiliary one, since the supported load of laundry up to 3 kg is an average parameter and, in a sense, universal. There are 6 different programs in the arsenal, including a delicate mode, washing children’s clothes at 80°C. From additional functions – Rinse +, childproof.

Electronic control type with digital display; Convenient divided compartments for conditioner and detergent in the form of a spoon; Control over foam and manifestations of imbalance; The hatch opens at 160°; Made in korea.

Washing class – IN; Low spin speed – 800 rpm.

Daewoo Electronics DWD-CV702W – white, spin – 800 rpm Daewoo Electronics DWD-CV702S – silver, spin – 800 rpm.

The best ultra compact front loading washing machines 29-36 cm deep.

LG F1096SDS0.

This model is from LG — the undisputed leader in the category of the best super-slim front-loading washing machines. Well how «narrow» – with a shallow depth on the top cover. In this case, it is only 36 cm with standard widths and heights (60 and 85). Optimal machine format for installation in tight spaces.

The body color of F1096SDS0 is white with a single dark spot in the form of an electronic control panel including a digital LED display. A true product of the South Korean brand, the model has indispensable brand features: inverter motor with Direct Drive (direct) drive, support for 6 Motion DD technology.

Key Features: Loading (max) – 4 kg, adjustable spin up to 1000 rpm, 13 programs, 3-cycle Steam. Additions to the main modes: Pre (soak), Intensive wash, Rinse+, «No folds». There is a load detector, child lock, drum cleaning function.

Compact dimensions; The presence of a display, as a result, a timer; Intelligent washing system, auto-balancing; Fast and convenient mobile diagnostics; Motor and Direct Drive Warranty – 10 years.

Taking into account the hoses, the depth is slightly more than 36 cm; No dedicated steam refresh function.

LG F1096SDS0 – an analogue with a chrome door LG F1096SD3 – a more affordable model without Steam technology.

Candy GVS34 126TC2 / 2.

This model is most often chosen by users who have an acute shortage of free space at home, and a washing machine is extremely necessary and needs to be washed a lot.

Candy GVS34 126TC2 / 2, having very modest dimensions, is capable of holding in up to 6 kg of laundry. The manufacturer deliberately increased the weight of the machine in order to ensure greater stability during spinning (up to 1200 rpm). Power consumption is surprisingly low for a model in this price range and is designated as class A++.

The washing machine has an impressive list of 17 programs and several special functions. There is a quick wash, a function to prevent the formation of creases, an additional rinse, an option of a delayed start up to 24 hours. A classic rotary switch and a touch display are responsible for control.

Convenient wide hatch and roomy drum; Electronic intelligent control and display; Smart Touch control using NFC technology (for Android smartphones); Imbalance and foam control.

Noisy set of water; Cheap plastic.

Candy GSS34 1062DB1 – spin 1000 rpm, digital display with push buttons, 16 programs, no Perfect Rapid mode 59 min, black hatch Candy CS34 1052D1 / 2 – load 5 kg, 1000 rpm, display with buttons, 16 programs.

Indesit IWUB 4085.

What to do, not all users associate the best washing machine with a solid, beautiful and expensive device, which has a large embossed drum, a bunch of basic and special programs, all kinds of options and sensors. Sometimes the best choice – it is just a model that simply fits in a small bathroom (kitchen, bathroom) and does not completely destroy the family budget. Indesit IWUB 4085 meets these criteria..

With standard width and height, it «super slim» (more precisely, shallow) – only 33 cm. Able to wash from 1 to 4 kg of laundry, tolerably wring out at a speed of 800 or 400 rpm. There is no display on the control panel, but there are LED indicators, a separate temperature controller. Main wash modes – 13. Besides «classics», there are 3 sports, as well as Silk / Curtains, Jeans, Express 15´.

Budget price tag; Compactness; Delayed start up to 12 hours is supported; Special Eco Time function to shorten cycle times, save water and energy; Current program for sports shoes.

Noise, susceptibility to vibration (due to its small size); Remaining cycle time is not displayed.

Indesit IWUB 4085 – spin 800 rpm. Indesit IWUB 4105 – spin 1000 rpm Indesit IWUC 4105 – spin 1000 rpm Indesit IWUD 4105 – version with digital display Indesit BWUE 51051 L B – 1000 rpm, load 5 kg, digital display, Push technology & Wash.

The best “narrow” automatic washing machines (40-43 cm) with front loading.

Bosch WLG 20261.

In the category of the best narrow washing machines, the popular model from the German brand, made in Russia, wins. The washing machine is quite compact. With standard heights and widths (85 and 60 cm), its depth is only 40 cm, which makes it possible to place in places with limited space.

On the market, the model is presented at a very affordable price, while its characteristics and capabilities are very worthy. And the presence of intelligent protection against voltage surges Volt Check ensures uninterrupted operation in the difficult conditions of domestic networks.

The hallmark of Bosch washing machines is the 3D-Aquaspar mode for faster and more even wetting of the laundry. Maximum machine load – 5 kg, spin up to 1000 rpm, there are special SpeedPerfect modes to reduce washing time, Eco Perfect to save energy,«Water plus», timer. The standard program options for cottons, synthetics and wool complement «Night», «Super fast 30 ‘/ 15’», «Jeans», «Baby clothes (stains)», «Sensitive», «Shirts»and program for delicates.

There is a child lock function; Additional loading mode; Imbalance and foam control. Energy class, washing – BUT; Multifunctional display.

Loud spin. No AquaStop (but also lower price).

Bosch WLG 2426 F – spin up to 1200 rpm Siemens WS 10G240 – different (essentially the same) brand, external design (programmer in the center, display on the side), AquaStop system Bosch WLG 20060 – budget version without display (countdown timer ), no EcoPerfect / SpeedPerfect, 15 minute program (30 ‘only)

Gorenje WEI62SDS.

Our rating of the best washing machines of the beginning of 2021 continues with a very interesting offer from a well-known Slovenian manufacturer – automatic washing machine with a European-style, laconic design, but in the optimal size for our realities (depth on the lid is 43 cm). This will pass without question even through the traditionally narrow doors of apartment bathrooms / toilets, it will not take up much space there..

With the characteristics of the Gorenje WEI62SDS everything is fine: the type of motor – high efficiency and quiet Inverter PowerDrive, full load capacity – 6 kg spinning – up to 1200 rpm. (with the possibility of reducing the speed or completely shutting down). SteamTech function supported – smoothing out creases with steam in the final stages of washing.

Programs: classic – Cotton / Linen, Mix / Synthetics, Wool / Handmade in various temperature variations; special – Automatic (for lightly soiled laundry), Fast 20´, Eco, Antiallergenic, Shirts. The last two modes use par. Options expanding functionality: Water +, Pre-wash (double or soak).

Electronic control with digital display, timer; Possibility to choose between normal, economical ECOCARE or fast TIMECARE washing modes; Energy efficiency class A-30%, low noise – 52/71 dB; Self-cleaning functions, child lock; Improved WaveActive drum design with wave perforation, 3D ribs.

There is no Aqua Stop system; No separate heating temperature controller.

Gorenje WE62SDS – analogue with a conventional, non-inverter, motor (more energy consumption and noise level – 57/75 dB) , a dedicated temperature controller, there is a DoseAid function (recommendations for loading) Gorenje WE 62S3 – in design, functionality is a twin of WA 62S3, but without an inverter.

Bosch WLG 20060.

Budget washing machine Bosch with ActiveWater system (saving water and energy). The model is very simple, without a display, with a minimum number of functions, and therefore is considered one of the most reliable and easy to operate. Such a washing machine is often bought by older people to make it easier for them to deal with it. A sort of «workhorse» from a good brand at a low price.

5 kg maximum load; Spinning 1000 rpm (depends on the selected program); 3D-Aquaspar; Programs for cotton, synthetics and wool with different temperature conditions; There is a preliminary wash, separate modes Drain and Rinse / Spin; Additional programs – «Jeans», «Kids clothes», «Rapid 30 ‘», «Delicate linen»; Of the special functions, only – «Water plus» and «Canceling spin».

There are also similar models on the market – WLG 24060 at 1200 rpm and WLG 20061 with slightly different hatch door design.

Availability; Unbalance suppression and foam control; Self-cleaning powder drawer.

Programs «Prewash» and «Cotton intensive» only at 60°FROM; No spin adjustment (program only); Remaining wash time is not visible.

Bosch WLG 20261 OE – more expensive, LED display, 12 programs, energy efficiency A+++

Best Medium Front Loading Washing Machines (44-47cm)

Siemens WS12T540OE.

This model of the famous German brand is truly reliable, functional and practical. Stylish and modern design, electronic control with rotary controller and multiTouch display. «A heart» cars – high efficiency brushless inverter motor iQdrive. Key parameters: hull depth – 44.6 cm, loading – up to 7 kg, maximum spin – 1200 rpm.

Siemens WS12T540OE has a couple of interesting features that were previously characteristic only of expensive premium models. This is an internal LED-illumination of the drum and stainRemoval technology for automatic removal of 4 common types of stains (blood, sweat, coffee, red wine). In addition, full AquaStop leak protection is supported with a lifetime warranty.

The set of basic programs includes not only «classics», but also the current Super 30 modes’/fifteen’ (depending on the load and the temperature of the incoming water), Business shirts, Sensitive, Dark and Delicates. Special functions also available: VarioPerfect (save time or energy and water), anti-crease.

Quiet operation, power consumption – A-30%; Powder overdose indication; Self-cleaning cuvette; Child lock; Control of foaming and imbalance during spinning.

Not cheap; At 90° condensate is leaking from the powder receptacle (although the boiling mode is not particularly needed).

LG Steam F2M5HS4W.

Further in our ranking of the best washing machines of the beginning of 2021 – not the most «fancy», but still a very advanced and modern washing machine, the characteristics of which are in almost perfect balance with a democratic price tag. Here, the Steam technology, which has already become a classic for LG, is implemented, which is used for 3 programs: Hypoallergenic, Baby Clothes, Cotton + Steam.

In terms of dimensions, the 2M5HS4W model is characterized by an average depth of 45 cm. It can hold up to 7 kg of linen, the spin can be set in 6 versions: without it, 400, 800, 1000, 1100 and maximum 1200 rpm. The motor is traditionally an inverter motor with a direct drive system and a 10-year warranty on this component. Other habits: «6 caring movements», Smart Diagnosis.

A total of 14 programs are available for washing a wide variety of fabrics, including «Fast», «Removing stains», «Pooh. a blanket», «Sport. clothes», «Quiet» and even individual «My program». Specialist. the functions are also varied: «Reloading», «Rinsing+», «No folds», «Intensive», delay timer.

Intelligent adjustment of work cycles; Touchscreen LED-display, presence of a loading detector; Drum surface with bubble relief; Comfortably low noise – 55/74 dB; Energy efficiency / washing class – A / A.

No separate steam refreshing mode; There is no extra fast wash 14-15 minutes (only 30).

LG Steam F2M5HS7S – dark silver body and hatch LG Steam F2M5WS4W – loading 6.5 kg LG Steam F2M5HS6W – no function for adding laundry, tank material LG Steam F2M5HS6S – silver body.

Bosch WHA222W2OE.

High-tech and modern stylish washing machine from the fresh Serie 4 Bosch range of 2020. Made in Russia, that does not spoil the car at all. Simply «narrow» the format is relevant mainly in the post-Soviet space, so the localization of production at the plant in St. Petersburg by the B / S / H concern is absolutely logical.

Dimensions: standard height, width – 84.8×59.8, depth – 44.6 cm. At the same time «washing machine» can be installed almost flush against the wall. Key Features: Loading – up to 7 kg, spin speed parameters – 400 to 1200 rpm, anti-vibration housing design. Control – electronic with a round programmer and a large touch screen.

Functionality. Traditional washing programs for cotton, synthetics, wool plus special ones: Sensitive, Silk, Jeans, Shirts, Down jackets, Sports shoes, Super 30´/fifteen´. In addition, there is an excellent set of auxiliary modes: SpeedPerfect, AntiStain – removal of 4 types of stains, PreSoaking – soaking, anti-crease, add. rinses, timer.

EcoSilenceDrive brushless inverter motor with 10-year warranty; Innovative SoftCare drum with a textured, seamless surface; Energy efficiency class A-20%, low operating noise – 51/73 dB; Built-in protection VoltCheck (against voltage surges), child lock; Complete protection against any (body, hose) leaks AquaStop.

Serious price tag; Whistling sound when spinning.

Bosch WHA222W1OE – analogue with black door decoration Bosch WHA222XMOE – version without AquaStop, noise level 52/75 dB Bosch WHA222X1OE – white case with black door, no AquaStop, 52/75 dB Bosch WHA222X2OE – white design, no AquaStop, 52/75 dB.

LG F-10B8MD.

One of the most popular inexpensive washing machines, which nevertheless has quite good characteristics. Like other LG washing machines, it uses a direct drive based on an inverter motor. There is also mobile diagnostics, but this is more likely to help service specialists.

The depth of the machine is 45 cm, and the maximum supported load is 5.5 kg. The variable spin speed has a maximum value of 1000 rpm. It is possible to adjust the temperature in the range – cold water, 30, 40, 60 and 95°C. Electronic control with LED display.

The user has 13 different programs at his disposal, and in contrast to the more compact models, a mode has been added «Duvet» (voluminous things). Special functions «No folds», «Super rinse» and «Timer mode» also quite useful.

Good quality at a low price; Decent functional set; Developed service.

Loud noises when entering and draining water; In case of a power outage, the program is reset; Poorly implemented child lock function.

LG F-10B8ND – 6 kg load.

Samsung WW70R62LVTW.

Washing machine with Addwash (the ability to add laundry without stopping the cycle), 45 cm deep with a Digital Inverter motor and an impressive capacity for its size up to 7 kg of laundry. Looks very modern, works quietly, controls – electronic touch. The maximum value for spinning is 1200 rpm. Produced by Samsung WW70R62LVTW in Russia.

The machine can do a lot. There is a mode of intensive soaking, antibacterial wash with steam, a mini-program for 15 minutes. Among the add-ons, the following functions can be distinguished: Drum Clean, Super Rinse +, Delayed Start, Child Lock.

This model implements the Eco Bubble technology, which ensures better penetration of the detergent into the fabric structure due to its complete preliminary dissolution and feeding it into the drum already in the form of foam. The manufacturer also claims the ability to remove stains, but, frankly, the effectiveness of this option is questionable..

Low noise (wash / spin) – 54/73 dB; Ceramic heating element; Mobile diagnostics; Drum with raised Swirl Drum surface; Overvoltage protection; Engine with a 10-year warranty.

The actual depth, taking into account the hatch, is greater than the declared one; Rather big price.

Samsung WW70R62LVSW – different cover design Samsung WW70R62LVSX – stainless steel.

Best full-size front-loading washing machines.

Bosch WAW 32540.

In first place in this category of our ranking of the best washing machines — a reliable and very high quality washing machine assembled directly in Germany with standard dimensions (60x60x85 cm), implying the possibility of joint use in a column with a drying cabinet. Although the model, designed for a load of up to 9 kg and a spin speed of up to 1600 rpm, is quite self-sufficient.

Key features of WAW 32540:

Low power consumption – class A-30%; Quiet and reliable brushless EcoSilenseDrive motor; Unique surface structure of the VarioDrum drum for delicate or intensive wash, depending on the selected program; VarioPerfect system for choosing between fast or economical wash without loss of quality; Complete leakage protection system with a lifetime warranty; Current list of programs and additional functions.

One of the main «chips» models of the 8 series from Bosch is the presence of AntiStain technology (removal of difficult stains from grass, blood, wine, oil), the function of activating programs by touching the selected zones on the control panel.

High-quality assembly; Optimal functionality; Quiet work; Excellent wash results.

High price.

Bosch WAW28740 – 8 kg load.


One of the most popular washing machines, as a rule, attracting the attention of the beautiful half of humanity. In this case, contrary to popular belief, women «love with eyes». The design of the model is really attractive – beige body, electronic control with central rotary programmer, bright and stylish touch screen, large door made of high-strength tempered glass with black trim.

Key Features: Traditional Direct Drive Inverter Motor, Proprietary Algorithm «6 caring movements», loading up to 9 kg, spinning – 400-1400 rpm or disabled. Supports the steam wash function Steam, which has now become the absolute norm in LG washing machines. Intelligent AI DD technology has also been implemented, which recognizes the weight of the laundry, the properties of the fabric to optimize the washing parameters. Programs – 14. There are both classic and special, such as Sportswear, Down. blanket, Silent, Fast 30, steam – Baby clothes, Hypoallergenic. Among the options: pre / soak, intensive wash, Water +, Refueling.

State-of-the-art design, metallized rotary switch; Advanced control capabilities, monitoring through the LG ThinQ smartphone application, mobile diagnostics; Low operating noise – 53/74 dB; Timer, loading indicator, child lock; Effective drum cleaning function.

Lack of full protection against leaks; Noisy pump activation.

LG F4V5VS0W – white analogue.

Electrolux EW7F3R48S.

Serious washing machine of the PerfectCare 700 series from a well-known brand, the attitude towards which has not been entirely unambiguous lately. In this case, there is no reason for doubt, because this is a real original Electrolux, and not budget-friendly, albeit unjustifiably expensive crafts, which the international concern sometimes allows to produce under its own big name.

The EW7F3R48S model is made in Italy, has dimensions of 850x600x572 mm, and is designed for a load of up to 8 kg. Maximum spin – 1400 rpm with the possibility of adjustment. An excellent set of programs where there are: Fast, Denim, Sports, Jackets, Duvets. Includes SteamCare steam treatment to soften fabric and smooth out creases, FreshScent system to freshen laundry with fragrance and the same steam.

The manufacturer did not forget about the safety and comfort options, having implemented child protection, the possibility of delaying the start. The machine is equipped with an intelligent system for optimizing washing duration, water consumption and energy consumption depending on the load level SensiCare.

Informative display Medium Led High; Fuzzy Logic technology; Inverter type of permanent magnet motor; Energy consumption – A +++; Really low noise (wash / spin) – 51/73 dB.

High price tag.

Electrolux PerfectCare 700 EW7F2R48S – large LED display.

The best washing machines with a drying function.


The cost of most combination washing machines is quite high. In addition, versatility, versatility, and in fact, due to the combination of functions of both traditional washing and drying in a single device, the set of programs for both modes turns out to be very limited. So you can’t say the same about LG F2T5HG2S. Plus, the price tag against the background of the products of some European brands is noticeably more adequate.

The model is relatively compact with a body depth of 45 cm (over the lid). At the same time, everything is very good with the download. – 7/4 kg. The standard list of options is quite complete: Daily, Delicate, Silent wash, Quick 30. For two cycles – Hypoallergenic and Baby Clothes – the function of antibacterial steam treatment is supported by Steam. Special options are designed to supplement, improve the main programs: Intensive, Rinse +, Add laundry. Drying can be used in the format «Washing + drying» or separately. Available choice between modes «Standard», «Berezhnaya», «Ironing».

Intelligent tissue recognition technology, AI DD loading rate; Spinning speed – up to 1200 rpm; Fully touchscreen control panel with LED display, the ability to control, monitor the performance from a smartphone through the application «smart home» LG ThinQ; Child-lockable controls, drum cleaning option; Quiet operation.

Energy efficiency – class B.

LG AIDD F4V5TG0W – full-size white version (depth on the lid 56 cm), load 8/5 kg, rotary programmer.

Electrolux EW7WR447W.

Our rating of the best in quality and reliability of washing machines is continued by a very popular, despite not the most democratic price tag, a washing machine in classic dimensions (depth along the lid is 57.2 cm). Able to effectively wash, wring out and dry up laundry from various types of fabric, including in a combined mode according to the principle «dry to dry». Full capacity parameters – 7/4 kg.

Steam functions supported: SteamCare to soften and remove wrinkles, FreshScent to refresh with a special scent. The list of programs includes not only standard, but specialized options: Sports, Jackets, Denim, Antiallergen. Highlights Non-Stop – 1 kg / 1 hour At the end, the clothes can be put on immediately without the slightest discomfort.

Other important features: DualCare and SensiCare systems. The first provides optimization of operating parameters, such as temperature, drum rotation intensity, depending on the type and weight of the load, the second adjusts the cycle duration.

Inverter motor; Italian assembly; Spin speed indicators – up to 1400 rpm; Class and washing and energy consumption – BUT; Reduced noise – 51/76/60 dB (A).

There is residual moisture after drying; Simplified feature set compared to separate machines and cabinets.

Electrolux EW7WR368SR – depth 57 cm, load (wash / dry) 8/4 kg, spin 1600 rpm Electrolux EW7WR468W – depth 63.1 cm, load 8/6 kg, 1600 rpm Electrolux EW7WR361S – depth 63.1 cm, load 10 / 6 kg, 1600 rpm.

Candy GVSW40 364TWHC.

Quite rare variety – small (narrow) washing machine with drying function. The height and width are standard, but the depth is only 40 cm. Of course, this measurement applies directly to the top cover, with slightly more protruding elements. This compactness surprisingly did not significantly affect the maximum load capacity. – 6 and 4 kg (wash / dry).

Responsible for control: rotary encoder and touchscreen display. There is a delay timer up to 24 hours. NFS technology is supported for control from a smartphone. Programs – 16, including automatic and fast combo 59ˊ. Additional functions: Steam, Easy ironing, Mix Power System + (faster washing of even mixed fabrics due to more efficient supply of detergents). Squeezes Candy GVSW40 364TWHC at speeds up to 1300 rpm.

Motor – inverter; Quick Modes – 14/30/44 minutes; Hypoallergenic wash; Low-temperature drying modes for wool, synthetics; Large hatch – 35 cm.

Energy class – B; Vibration during spinning (payback for compactness).

Candy CSW4 365D / 2 – depth 44 cm, load 6/5 kg Candy GVSW 385TC / 5 – depth 52 cm, load 8/5 kg.

Samsung WD80K5410OW / OS.

Washing machine of standard size with drying function and AddWash system, which allows you to add laundry after the start of the program. It is produced in China, not in Russia, which is considered an advantage in modern realities. Boot options – 8/6 kg, maximum for spinning – 1400 rpm.

Control – electronic with display. There is a countdown timer, start delay up to 24 hours, process indication. The set of programs is absolutely universal. There are modes «Kids’ things», «Outerwear», «Removing odors», fifteen’ quick wash, dry (including gentle), drum cleaning.

The machine adopts ecobubble bubble technology™, allowing, according to the manufacturer, to improve the quality of washing with cold water. Honestly – controversial. But no one tells the owner to choose the desired temperature, and if necessary, also additional or intensive rinsing..

Stylish design; Inverter motor; Drum Diamond; Ceramic heating element; Low noise – 54/73 dB.

Long cycles with drying; Sometimes the laundry remains damp.

Hotpoint-Ariston FDD 9640 B.

This combo model from Hotpoint-Ariston – the product is not customary for the Russian market of Lipetsk assembly, but the most native, that is, Italian. The design is quite recognizable corporate. The main color is white, the hatch is black. Control system – electronic push-button with LCD-display. Dimensions (edit) – classic, but interesting is the fact that with a body depth of 54 cm, the washing machine has an impressive maximum load of 9/6 kg. For spinning, the upper value – 1400 rpm.

Washing programs are quite standard, but there are special ones. For example, Fast 30ˊ, Memory. Drying parameters can be programmed according to the degree of residual moisture (iron, on a hanger, in a cupboard, extra) or by time – 30-180 minutes Additionally, the user has the right to use auxiliary functions: removing difficult stains, delayed start, additional rinsing (with a choice of parameters «sensitive skin», «anti allergy»).

Energy consumption, washing class A; Inverter controlled motor; High quality care for wool, cashmere (Woolmark certificate); Lots of settings; Relatively low noise.

Noisy spin – 83 dB; The combined washing and drying mode is designed for no more than 1 kg of laundry.

Hotpoint-Ariston RDPD 96407 JD – steam functions, more modern design, hatch door Dialogic Hotpoint-Ariston RDPD 96407 JX – Steam Care, chrome hatch.

Indesit XWDA 751680X W.

Good inexpensive washer and dryer. And Indesit XWDA 751680X – this is not a product of Lipetsk production, but of the very Italian one. With the characteristics, everything is pretty good. About loading: washing – up to 7 kg, drying – to 5. Spin – 1600 rpm.

The range of programs is impressive: 6 special, 6 standard, 2 automatic and 2 separate (rinse / bleach, spin + drain). It is worth noting the convenient quick Wash mode&Dry 45. As for drying, it can be programmed by 2 parameters: time – 40, 90, 120, 150, 180 minutes, residual moisture – «on a hanger», «smoothing». It is possible to choose only drying.

Indesit XWDA 751680X W Warranty – 12 months. A little, but for those who do not know, we will reveal «secret» – according to Russian law, claims for goods of inadequate quality can be presented within 2 years, if it is proved that the defect is factory.

Energy class, washing – BUT; Odor removal function for cotton and synthetics; Push Button&Wash + Dry; Little noise during washing – 54 dBA.

There is no countdown timer; No full leakage protection.

The best built-in washing machines.

Smeg LSTA147S.

This combination washing machine is without a doubt one of the best solutions for integrating into a kitchen set. Here and high-quality Italian assembly, and ease of installation, and excellent functionality. Maximum available load of laundry – 7 kg for washing, 4 for drying. Spin speed – adjustable from 500 to 1400 rpm.

The machine is controlled electronically with a rotary controller, buttons and display. Programs – 15, there is a fast mode. Not a bad additional set of functions: prewash / soak, no wrinkles, rinse plus. There is a proprietary FlexiTime option for adjusting cycle times. There are 2 timed drying programs available: Delicate at 60° and intensive for durable materials 90°. In the presence of a special mode for cleaning the drum from fabric fibers.

It is impossible not to note the comfortable noise level as when washing / drying – 56/58, and during spinning – 70 dB. On the positive side is the self-cleaning design of the powder container and 180 ° opening.° loading hatch. For those who do not need drying, there is a cheaper option. – Smeg LST147-2.

Display showing the remaining time, the recommended load; Delay start timer (up to 24 hours); Control of imbalance and foaming; Production – Italy; Guarantee – 24 months.

Only partial protection against leaks (pressure switch); High price tag.

Smeg LSTA147-2 – no drying Smeg LSTA127 – no drying, spinning 1200 rpm.

Bosch WIW 24340.

Very good built-in German washing machine without tumble dryer. Maximum capacity 7 kg, spin speed 1200 rpm. The control panel is equipped with a rotary knob and LED display. Supported indication of the progress of the program, the remaining time. There is a 24-hour timer.

There are more than enough washing modes – 16. There is a night service for owners of electricity meters with the support of appropriate tariffs. Typical «chips» washing machines Bosch – electromagnetic lock, the ability to carry out additional loading and a system of constant dosing of water depending on the amount and type of laundry.

Systems for suppressing imbalance during spinning and controlling foaming are very relevant. The proprietary AquaStop leakage protection guarantees safe operation throughout its entire service life. Bosch WIW 24340 warranty – 1 year, country of origin – Germany.

Energy class – A-30%; EcoSilenceDrive inverter motor; Anti-vibration body design; Drum VarioDrum; Quiet operation – 42/66 dB.

Not the most affordable price; No drying.

Bosch WIW 28540 – a more advanced version of Serie 8 with multifunction display, load 8 kg, spin 1400 rpm, TimeLight indicator, drum cleaning program with reminder.

Beko WITV 8712 XWG.

A good model from a Turkish brand, as a confirmation that «building» can cost reasonable money, while being of high quality, effective. It’s nice that the washing machine integrated into the kitchen set – not a luxury, but an affordable option not only for «high society», but also for representatives of the middle class, in whose dwelling bathrooms, toilets are not necessarily large. Why turn them into close «closet», where you can’t really turn around?

Supported Downloads for Beko WITV 8712 XWG – up to 8 kg of dry linen in cotton equivalent. The machine is controlled by a rotary programmer, LED display. The number of washing modes is decent – 15. Classic base – cotton, wool / hand made, synthetics – complemented by specialized ones: Delicate, T-shirts, Underwear, Express 14´, Jeans, Mix, Hygiene +, Outerwear / sportswear, Removing stains, etc. The following functions are also supported: Accelerated wash, Rinse+.

Washing class and energy consumption – BUT; AquaWave technology (effective washing with a gentle effect on the fabric); Adjustable spin up to a maximum of 1400 rpm; Cycle time indication, start timer up to 19 hours; «Dear» assembly – Turkey, good brand guarantee – 24 months.

Conventional motor; No option «Easy to iron».

Beko WITC7652B – an even more affordable model with a load up to 7 kg, spin at 1200 rpm.

The best premium washing machines.

Kuppersbusch WA 1940.0 AT.

An excellent example of a high class washing machine. Yes, not everyone can afford it. However, the premium status of the Kuppersbusch washing machine is based not only and not so much on the high price, but on the unshakable traditions of the highest quality, reliability and efficiency. When there is enough money for expensive things – this is good, but even so it is worth choosing the best. So the model in question is from this elite «breeds».

The design is solid and austere. Energy class – A +++. And here it is not a marketing gimmick at all. Loading laundry – from 1 to 8 kg, spin speed – up to 1600 rpm. Inside the drum there is LED lighting, special ribs to ensure washing according to the 3D-Washing principle. Tank made of high quality «stainless steel».

It is operated via a 4.3 ”dust and water resistant TFT display. A set of programs for all occasions. It makes no sense to list completely, but some very interesting ones can be noted: Cashmere, Angora, Impregnation, Curtains, Baby clothes, Smoothing, Auto cleaning. There are also Eco-modes, special functions such as Rinse +, Express, Soak. And a lot more.

Production – Switzerland; Noise isolation Supersilent Plus, therefore very quiet operation – 45/70 dB; Laundry contamination sensor; Chrome double glass sunroof, opening angle – 180°, possibility of re-hanging to the other side, loading window – Ø34 cm; Automatic weighing, recommendations for choosing the dosage of the detergent; Delayed start up to 7 days, childproof; Full Aquastop, imbalance compensation, foam control.

Price only.

Kuppersbusch WA 1940.0 W – white analogue Kuppersbusch WA 1930.0 W – noise level 47/71 dB, fewer programs (no 6 programmable modes)

Siemens WM 16Y892.

In second place in the ranking of the best elite washing machines — the flagship model of the i-Dos series from Siemens, which combines incredible functionality, precise control of all ongoing processes, convenient and easy operation, practicality and a modern corporate identity.

All the advantages of the model can be enumerated for a very long time, so we will focus on the main ones:

I-Dos system. The machine drawer has two compartments for liquid detergent and conditioner with a capacity of 1.3 and 0.5 liters. This amount is enough for about 20 washing sessions. At startup «smart» sensors detect the amount of laundry loaded, the degree of soiling and absorbency. The intelligent system itself calculates and produces the required dosage with high accuracy (up to 1 ml). In case there is no liquid agent, a compartment for dry powder is also provided; Automatic removal of 16 types of stains. In this case, this function is by no means for «check marks»; Loading laundry – up to 9 kg; Spin up to 1600 rpm.

German assembly; Saving water and electricity; Russian text display; Many programs (including automatic ones) and special functions; Internal drum lighting.


Siemens WM 16W6H1 – 14 programs, control via the Internet.

Let’s sum up.

Which washing machine is better to buy? You shouldn’t choose a washing machine for the price alone. Expensive — does not mean yet «OK», and vice versa. Look for your future car among the models of a trusted manufacturer who has a good service center in your city .

Washing machines of which company is better?

The answer to the question of which manufacturer of washing machines is better depends on the amount planned for the purchase of equipment. The Miele company confidently leads the world rankings, these washing machines last a long time, but its products are not affordable for everyone. LG produces many interesting models. Not all LG innovations are equally successful, but perhaps the LG and Bosch washing machines are among the best in the mid-price range..

Atlant is distinguished by affordable prices for its products — as well as for services. And for the repair of these machines are taken up in almost any service center. Samsung has a similar situation – moderate repair costs, a good set of functions and quality of washing. But the fact that Samsung washing machines are designed for the mass consumer, and their low price, affects the quality of this brand’s products. The metal is thin, the build quality is excellent in some batches, poor in others, etc. Washing machines AEG and Electrolux are of high quality, and usually there are no problems with repair, but their machines are more expensive. Bosch, Siemens have been at the top of the ratings for many years, they are of good quality and functionality, however, repairing washing machines is very expensive, replacing one part can cost almost as much as the appliance itself.

How to choose a washing machine?

First of all, it is worth determining the place for installation. And already, depending on the free space, select the dimensions and type of loading of the washing machine.

If you are the owner of a large room, the best option – standard size models (60x60x85 cm). Contrary to popular belief, their main trump card is not a large load at all, but a better washing quality due to an increased working surface of the drum and maximum stability due to a wide setting on the floor; For more cramped conditions, medium-sized machines with a depth of 45 cm are suitable. They have a pretty decent load, are not very susceptible to vibrations, and wash laundry well. But during installation, you need to plan additional space to open the hatch door and drain the hoses; More compact options – this is «narrow» frontal models with a depth of 40-42 cm, although the interpretation itself is not entirely correct. After all, they are not at all smaller in width. However, the term stuck long ago. But really narrow can be called machines with the top loading method. They have a width of 40 and a depth of 60 cm. This option will additionally save space, since the lid opens up. These machines are specially made heavier in order to compensate for the vibration arising from the closer arrangement of the assemblies and the drum. The noise level is usually higher. This must be taken into account; The smallest «super slim» cars at 33-36 cm and low «babies» for installation under the sink. They are less durable and have an average wash quality due to the small drum. It makes sense to choose such models in cases where the larger size simply does not fit in any way; If the installation is planned in the kitchen under the countertop, you need to assess the possibility of connecting communications and make sure that the size of the niche matches the dimensions of the washing machine. The latter can be built-in or free-standing, but the second option implies that the top will be completely removable, since many models have a high front panel..

There are a lot of good washing machines in our market now. The main thing when choosing — correctly determine what you need. After all, each family considers the different functions and parameters of the washing machine to be the most important (size of the case, drum capacity, set of washing programs). For some, dimensions are important, while for others the option of washing sports shoes is indispensable. Use our rating to find your ideal assistant.

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