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Reception desk – types of designs and features of corporate design (80 photo ideas)

Reception desk – types of designs and features of corporate design (80 photo ideas)

The first thing that the organization pays attention to is the reception and the employee behind it. Reception is a type of office furniture that is the face of the company. Therefore, it must fit into the design, because clients and partners on it will make up their first opinion about the company..

Also, with the help of the reception desk, you can divide the room into zones, on the one hand, a workplace, and on the other, an area for resting customers. Do not forget that the interior is one of the components of a successful business..

Variety of reception designs.

By the appearance of the company, namely by the reception, one can judge the status, well-being and financial position of the company. Do not rely on looks when choosing a stand, it should be not only beautiful, but also comfortable and functional..

Modular designs are more popular. With their help, you will be able to form an excellent complete set, with the ability to supplement it with various shelves and bedside tables. The variety of racks is due to the needs of the company in terms of external design, interior preferences, requirements for functionality.

Reception types.

Racks that do not have corner pieces are called straight racks. They are ideal for organizations with a large flow of people. They are often installed in government agencies and service centers. Perfectly combine with other interior details.

Corner posts are often used to complete designs with straight pieces. They are ideal for small spaces. Can be supplemented with archival shelves, file and catalog cabinets.

U-shaped racks are called structures made up of straight and corner modules. Suitable for rooms where other employees work in addition to the administrator.

Arched racks are solid and practical. This system allows the employee to always face the visitor. At such a stand, the client will feel his worth. Installed in organizations with a large customer flow.

Tables in the shape of a circle, square, are called closed. The style is more suitable for shopping centers, hotels, utilities and car dealerships.

The counter looks great, which perfectly complements the interior of the room. The design of the reception desk should be chosen based on the size of the room and the number of visitors. Do not forget that all interior details should form a single picture..

Features in rack design.

From the specifics of the work of the company, organization, and the stand is selected. Each company wants to make its reception more original, luxurious and stylish. The racks themselves are entire systems.

Shop racks are made of metal, plastic, glass, tiles, but they always adhere to the style of the store in the design. Exhibition stands are always made in bright colors, to attract a client, a company logo on the counter is required. Beauty salons always impress with their expensive and presentable racks, which are made of expensive materials.

By the functionality of the rack, one can judge the solidity and respectability of the company..

In what color and where to place the administrator’s workplace.

The counter should be located next to or opposite the entrance so that the visitor will immediately notice it. The secretary should not have his back to the visitors, so make sure that the front of the reception is facing the customers. A common scheme for the location of the reception is in the corner or near the side wall.

When choosing a color scheme in the design of the administrator’s seat, start from the corporate style, but do not overdo it. Just because your logo is in a bold color does not mean that the reception should look the same..

Choosing a color scheme, decide what kind of emotions you want to get from the client. Dilute, mix, combine colors! When decorating the rack, do not forget about walls and ceilings, furniture and lighting, they should complement each other..

Human perception of color depends on the saturation and direction of its action, so pay attention to the ornament and logo. Color, perceived more easily if it is applied vertically, dynamic diagonally, and stable horizontally.

What materials are the structures for the reception made of?.

When choosing, pay attention to the material. When choosing furniture, do not forget that it should only hint at consistency and demonstrate subtle taste and style. The stand should be functional and not obtrusive.

laminated chipboard; MDF; plastic; metal.

Structures made of solid wood are exclusive models and are very expensive. For the decoration of the front part, various modifications are used, which are made of bent laminated chipboard, plastic, glass, metal.

Often, company leaders turn to furniture manufacturing factories to create a custom-made reception desk. Usually, factory specialists help with the choice of design, but you can also choose standard options..

The price directly depends on the quality of the material. Therefore, the pricing policy implies division into the following classes:

Economy class – made using perforated sheet and laminated chipboard; Standard – to give a noble look, they use moldings, plastic parts, chrome steel. Particleboard is taken as a basis. VIP-class – more expensive components are used here: stone, stainless steel, glass, plastic and a base made of MDF or chipboard Elite – made by exclusive order from solid wood with various additions.

You can also order various forms of racks, but this is if you buy models from higher price categories.

When choosing an administrator’s desk, be responsible for the choice of material. Tables made of MDF, laminated chipboard, glass, plastic, real stone will last for a long time.

Fashionable racks of a rounded and wavy shape, made with or without illumination, are now in great demand. But remember, more than one table can not replace an experienced and friendly employee..

What you need to know to choose a reception.

The most basic rule when choosing is functionality, comfort and design. The reception itself should be no higher than 110-140 cm with wide countertops, such designs will be very convenient for customers. And also pay attention that the stand is adjustable in height. Visitors will not need to slouch or stretch out to get advice or fill out paperwork.

With the help of the countertop, the secretary or administrator can hide documents from the eyes of clients. Shelves for storing documents, a niche for a computer must be provided – all this will provide a comfortable working environment. In order not to spoil the appearance with protruding cords from office equipment or sockets, all this can also be hidden behind the tabletop..

appearance — should correspond to the specifics of the company and organically complement the interior; spaciousness and functionality – so that employees can feel as comfortable as possible and perform their functional duties; the assembly must be of high quality, the presence of damage and various types of defects on the product is excluded; materials for production; in accordance with the size of your room, select the form of the reception.

Below are photos of the reception desk, they clearly show what the administrator’s workplace can be in various organizations.

As a result, no matter what material you decide to order the rack from, the main thing is that it is made with high quality and on time. For this, choose trusted furniture factories with an impeccable reputation..

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