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Review of 6 types of the best irons.

Review of 6 types of the best irons.

Irons are functional products used for ironing and steaming things. When choosing models, be guided by the material, weight and availability of additional options. Choose irons depending on the purpose.

For home conditions, you will need a steam room, for travel – a small iron, professional devices are suitable for smoothing large clothes.

The device and principle of operation of the iron.

The principle of operation of the device repeats the principle of the boiler:

The device is plugged into the socket, the temperature is set, the current begins to flow. The temperature is controlled by a bimetallic spiral. The device reaches the required temperature and turns off. Water is poured into the tank, which forms steam. The rate of transformation of the state of water is controlled by a button that moves the nipple to the required position.

Purpose and functions.

The purpose of the iron: used to smooth dry clothes.

Dry ironing of things; Self-cleaning; Auto power off; Vertical steaming; Anti-drip system.

How to choose an iron.

Pay attention to the sole of the iron, which reduces friction during ironing and protects the product from mechanical damage.

Stainless steel does not heat up, it is durable and not subject to scratches, chrome-plated steel has anti-corrosion properties.

Consider the size of the appliance. The larger the sole area, the faster the ironing process. Heavy irons are inconvenient, choose products with a specific gravity of 2-3 kilograms. The high power of the appliance ensures efficient operation of the iron. The optimal power is from 1600 to 2000 W. Remember: the more electricity the appliance consumes, the more powerful it is. Pay attention to temperature conditions. Choose appliances equipped with modes for delicate ironing, denim and natural fabrics. Look at the steam flow rates. With a variable steam supply, the value is 15-30 grams per minute, with an increased supply – 35-50 grams per minute.

The steam boost function (turbo steam) provides for increased steam supply when ironing dense or dry items. The water spray function is necessary to smooth out creases on the cuffs of the garment..

Pay attention to fire protection. Buy models with automatic shutdown of the iron after 8-15 minutes, which prevents a fire. This will protect you from fire if you forget to turn off the device after leaving the house. Buy products equipped with reliable protection against limescale. Models are supplied with removable anti-lime rods. Self-cleaning irons are popular. Pay attention to the complete set of goods, warranty periods and obligations. Buy irons with a heat-resistant storage cover.

Important parameters:

Buy models with an anti-drip system that prevents water from flowing out of the holes at low ironing temperatures. For convenient use, focus on models with a long and soft cord.

Buy cords with flexible attachments that rotate 360 ​​degrees to prevent abrasion of the winding. Look at products with a cord length of 1.9-2.5 meters.

Choose models that have 50-110 holes in the sole. They are located across the entire plane, and not concentrated in one place. Cordless irons are connected to the network using a stand, give freedom of movement. For ironing large items, buy appliances with a large water tank.

Secondary parameters:

Devices with a vertical steaming function allow ironing products in a vertical position. It is convenient for ironing curtains, textile upholstery of sofas, mattresses, bedspreads. Pay attention to devices with an extra-steam explosion function, which are used for ironing heavily wrinkled items. Choose the color and shape of the sole according to your preferences, it does not affect the operation of the device. Pay attention to the models equipped with a groove for buttons, which iron hard-to-reach places on things. Buy devices with an ionization function that breaks droplets into small ones. Thus, there are no stains and wet marks on things. Give preference to products with ergonomic design.

Steam irons.


The most functional iron and steam generator Philips GC8620 / 02 – a model with high power, anti-drip system, vertical steaming function. The most convenient iron with the TEFAL GV5246 Easy Pressing steam generator is a powerful device with a tank volume of 1 liter. The device is equipped with an anti-drip system and a constant steam supply. Good package bundle. The most beautiful iron with a PHILIPS GC8643 / 30 PerfectCare Aqua steam generator is a device with a power of 24000 W, a tank volume of 2.5 liters, a powerful steam boost and a reliable protection system. The price of the goods corresponds to the quality, a guarantee is provided.

Models with a steam generator are suitable for ironing a variety of products. The appliance is equipped with a button to decrease the steam pressure, therefore it saves energy.

The material for the sole of the products is a durable and resistant to mechanical stress cermet.


steam characteristics (20-50 grams per minute); material (steel, aluminum, cermet); power (1600-2400 W); temperature conditions (1-3); weight (2-3 kg); scale protection.


saving time and effort when ironing; vertical steaming; fire safety; there are no stains on things after ironing.


the low temperature of the sole does not allow drying things; you need to constantly descale the steam generator; inconvenient to wind up and store the electric drive.

Small irons.


The most functional model Scarlett SC-1135S White / Blue is a stainless steel device that is comfortable to travel. Good equipment, the product meets the technical standards. The most convenient VITEK VT-1228b iron is an elongated device that retains high technical characteristics despite its small dimensions. The most reliable model MAXWELL MW-3012 is a travel iron with a steamer. The device quickly reaches the desired temperature, ironing seams and hard-to-reach places. Warranty provided.

Small irons have a minimal number of functions. These are devices with low power ratings, low heating temperatures. Devices are fireproof, light in weight.


number of temperature modes (1-4); weight (1-2 kg); material (aluminum, steel, cermet); steam characteristics (15-45 grams per minute); power (1500-2400 W); descaling protection (self-cleaning, removable anti-lime rods).


lightweight devices; ironing small items; fire safety; thorough ironing of hard-to-reach places.


small water tank; minimal functionality; low power and temperature; not suitable for ironing large items.

Metal ceramics irons.


The most convenient model Tefal FV 4970 – devices that combine powerful steam and temperature are used for different types of fabrics. The device is resistant to mechanical damage. The most reliable iron Magio MG-13 is a product with a power of 2600 W, equipped with the following functions: steam supply, anti-scale iron, vertical system. The most ergonomic Bosch TDA2325 model is a device with stylish design and technical strengths. The sole of the product is made of ceramic coating for gliding on the fabric.

The models are ergonomic, with a pleasant design, they glide well on the fabric. The surface is easily cleaned of carbon deposits, the heating element is a spiral or ten.

Products made of cermets are susceptible to mechanical stress (scratches, chips), enamel peels off over time.


material (stainless and chrome-plated steel, aluminum, cermets); power (1600-2600 W); temperature conditions (1-5); weight (2-3 kg); steam characteristics (from 15 to 50 grams per minute); descaling system (self-cleaning, anti-lime sticks).


easy sliding on the fabric; easy to clean; ergonomics; fireproof products; original design.


fragile devices, prone to mechanical damage; delamination of ceramic spraying.

Professional irons.


The most ergonomic steam generator Easy Steam Trisa Tr 7923 is a device that heats up quickly, with a removable water tank, adjustable steam supply. Product with aluminum sole, complete with device stand. The most reliable SILTER Super mini 2000 is a product with high power and protection system. The price corresponds to the quality of the product. The most convenient professional iron MIE GM-Q7 / Q5 Elite Bello Maestro GM is a stainless steel device with high technical performance.

The models are used for professional ironing of large-format clothes: bed linen, curtains, curtains. Devices with different operating modes, smooth light and hard fabrics.

The devices are weighty, made of durable materials, equipped with a powerful protection system, and combine technical characteristics and original design. Products are not susceptible to mechanical damage (chips, scratches).


material (aluminum, cermet, steel); temperature modes (3-5); steam characteristics (35-50 grams per minute); weight (weight – 3-5 kg); power indicator (1600-2400 W); protective system (removable anti-lime rods, self-cleaning function).


product power; slide on the fabric; functionality; cleaning hard-to-reach places; the sole does not burn; protective system.


weighty, large-sized; not suitable for everyday use.

Irons with steamer.


The most powerful Travel steamer is a device that is suitable for ironing a variety of fabrics, cleans up dirt and smoothes creases. The most convenient steam iron Liting Q 7 with a power of 2200 W, a water container volume of 3800 ml. The devices are resistant to mechanical stress. Quality certificates, convenient equipment. The most reliable model with the Travel Steamer – a powerful device with ergonomic design, durability and high power characteristics.

Models with a steamer provide gentle ironing, no creases or stains remain on things. Under the influence of steam, the fibers are straightened, the clothes retain their original appearance.

An iron with a steamer does not spoil things. It takes 30 seconds for the appliance to warm up.

The devices are compact in size, fireproof. An iron with a steamer is better than a regular iron, because it cleans and disinfects decorative items of clothing. The devices are light in weight, so no extra effort is required.


product material (stainless or chrome-plated steel, cermets, aluminum); weight (weight – 1-3 kg); power (1600-2400 W); steam characteristics (25-50 g / min); temperature modes (1-4); soot protection.


sliding on fabric; easy to clean; original design; ergonomics; fire safety.


fragility; delamination of ceramic spraying.

Irons with attachment for delicate fabrics.


The most reliable Bosch TDA 502801 T iron is a device with a power of 2800 watts. and constant steam supply – 40 g per min. The model does not lend itself to mechanical damage, meets technical quality standards. The most functional iron Tefal Ultimate Autoclean FV9547 is a device that prevents mechanical damage to materials when ironing things. The product is equipped with a self-cleaning metal-ceramic base. The most comfortable iron Bosch TDA 502801 T is a device with high power, constant steam. Products are not susceptible to mechanical damage (scratches, chips).

Models are equipped with a special attachment that is attached to the sole with clips. Smooth-surface nozzle prevents damage to sensitive tissues.

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