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Review of “Ascona” orthopedic mattresses

Review of “Ascona” orthopedic mattresses

Ascona is a leading manufacturer of orthopedic mattresses, whose products are very popular in Moscow and Russia. The following review of Ascona mattresses will help you choose and buy the design that suits you best for organizing a comfortable bed.

Features of orthopedic mattresses “Ascona”

The manufacturer’s assortment includes many products of various prices: from budget and economy to premium series. The company uses high-tech techniques in production, many of which are unique for Russia. For example, uses hourglass springs. Thanks to the use of the springs patented by the company, the orthopedic properties of the mattresses have been improved. “Ascona” produces one-piece mattresses, that is, with a cover attached to the mattress.

Types of mattresses “Ascona”

The Ascona orthopedic mattress, the price of which depends on the type of product, is an excellent investment in your health. Depending on the structures and materials used, the company offers 4 series of products:

Askona classic. Askona softy. Askona garden. Askona dream.

In the production of products of the first three types (Askona classic, Askona softy, Askona garden)

spring blocks are used. They are designed to support the spine as much as possible, relieve it during rest and sleep.

The Askona dream series are springless mattresses. The products are filled with natural materials that perfectly retain their elasticity. Latex, coconut coir slab is used as a filler. The original filler seaweed will allow you to feel the relaxation effect, help to cope with insomnia.

Memory forma material is used in Askona dream mattresses. Such a filler is interesting in that it easily takes the shape of the body and retains it. Thanks to the original heat-sensitive material Memory, the mattress reacts to changes in pressure and temperature. As a result, the structure will precisely bend under the bends of the body until the pressure is evenly distributed. Further, the monoblock will show elasticity and provide proper support for the sleeping person..

Of particular note is the Askona baby series of mattresses. Products are specially designed for children, taking into account their age and physiological characteristics.

Popular orthopedic mattresses “Ascona”

For those who are planning to select an orthopedic mattress, it will be useful to familiarize yourself with the rating of popular orthopedic products “Ascona”.

The best springless mattresses.


Universal orthopedic surface;

Cover with bactericidal impregnation;

For people with any complexion.

Careful care is needed to preserve the bactericidal properties of the cover fabric..


Double-sided with different levels of rigidity;

Fillers – foam and coconut coir are resistant to deformation;

Protective impregnation of the cover;

The product is capable of deforming if the permissible load is exceeded.

(for people weighing up to 90 kg)

Durable cover, quilted with padding polyester;

The product is capable of deforming if the permissible load is exceeded.

Slim and lightweight;

The upholstery fabric contains soy extract (provides hypoallergenicity);

Susceptible to local deformation of the surface, especially massage reliefs.

The best mattresses with a spring block of the dependent type.

Spring module “Bonnel”;

Able to withstand loads up to 100 kg;

Orthopedic box OrtoFoam.

Quite hard surface.


The Bonnel spring block is resistant to deformation;

Hard sleeping surfaces;

For comfort, the cover is quilted with padding polyester;

Not suitable for people with low weight, because the springs will practically not bend.

Balance Practice spring block provides moderate stiffness;

Durable jacquard cover;

Springs do not squeak even after prolonged use.

Springs can loosen over time.

The best mattresses with independent spring blocks.


Springs “Hourglass” (1 sq. M – 256 springs);

Has 5 zones of hardness;

The combination of coir and latex fillers provides a balanced resilient surface;

Perfectly adapts to body contours;

Withstands loads up to 140 kg.


Spring block “Hourglass” (1 sq. M – 256 springs);

The most comfortable medium degree of hardness;

Combined coir and latex filler;

Maximum comfort for sleeping together.


Patented Hourglass spring block;

The cover is quilted with padding polyester, pleasant to the touch;

Elastic porous filler;

Affordable price in the line of these products.

Deformation of the filler over time.

How to make the right choice?

In order for a mattress to really give comfort and healthy sleep, you need to approach it responsibly. You can read reviews about Ascona mattresses, study the properties and features of popular models. And experts advise to be guided by the following selection rules:

Determine the level of severity depending on personal preference, weight, age and health. For children, it is necessary to choose hard, springless products, durable and hygroscopic. A coconut-based mattress is a good choice. For a married couple, models of medium hardness, equipped with independent springs, are suitable. For an elderly person, mattresses with a high degree of firmness are not recommended. Allergy sufferers should not buy products with natural fillers..

Where to buy an orthopedic mattress “Ascona”?

To make buying a mattress a really useful and profitable purchase, choose a responsible seller. If the company has a guarantee for its own products, this indicates that the product will be of high quality and will serve the period specified in the guarantee. Buy only certified products!

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