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Review of wireless controllers for PS3.

Review of wireless controllers for PS3.

A gamepad, aka a controller, aka a joystick, is the most important component of the PlayStation, which is incomparable to the gamer. After all, the controller is exactly the thread that connects the player with an alternative reality, allowing you to control a virtual alter ego on your monitor screen, and temporarily transform from a quiet and modest middle-class representative into a bloodthirsty Space Marine or level 80 elf. In our review, we will look at the most successful PS3 controllers created by leading gaming device companies..

Opening the review is the native PS3 controller, the DualShock 3, included with each new console, for which Sony received an Emmy Award in 2007 “for Peripheral Design and Influence on Game Controller Technology.” Although outwardly the gamepad is a pronounced heir to its predecessors – Sony’s previous generation consoles controllers – DualShock 1 and DualShock 2, thanks to its light weight, sensitive buttons, intelligent vibration system and clever SIXAXIS technology that detects movements in space (be prepared for that that in some games you will have to “shake” the gamepad), it is a real quintessence of technology of the latest generation. Due to the thoughtful design, the joystick is equally comfortable in the hand of a child and in the paw of a two-meter heavyweight athlete. Sony traditionally does not save on components: the material of the controller case, buttons and sticks is designed for long-term and active use. The functionality of the device is quite versatile and optimized for games of any genre: from shooters and RPGs to racing and fighting games. This gamepad has only one drawback – its price. However, for the quality and absolute compatibility, it is not at all a pity to give an extra thousand rubles.

Best Game to Unleash Your Controller’s Potential – Killzone 3.

The company’s gamepad – Thrustmaster Wireless 430 Scuderia Limited Edition is stylized as a racing supercar from Ferrari: stylish ergonomic design and corporate colors of the Maranello stable are organically combined with the advanced technologies of one of the leaders in the global industry of console-computer peripherals. You won’t be mistaken if you assume that it is especially good to play racing simulators with such a controller: the gamepad is really “sharpened” for racing and is designed primarily for those fans who have not yet acquired one of the branded steering wheels for some reason. which are the pride of Thrustmaster. The rough surface allows a comfortable and secure grip, and the optical ring around the crosspiece rotates (with auto-centering) 90 degrees, which is especially convenient in motorsport competitions. However, in shooters and fighting games, this device will also not hit the face in the dirt: the gamepad triggers have a rather long stroke, which has a positive effect on accuracy, and the metal base of the sticks will prevent their premature incapacitation by brutality practices in Mortal Kombat. For fans of the game on the verge of cheating, there are two buttons on the back of the joystick, which can be programmed for a “combo” in fighting games or firing bursts from a Mosin rifle in shooters in World War II.

Best Game to Maximize Your Controller’s Potential – Grand Turismo 4.

The release of the customized wireless gamepad from Mad Catz was timed to coincide with the release of one of the most popular games of 2009 – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and therefore it is logical to assume that its main purpose is military shooters. Console Special Forces veterans will surely love its camouflage design and grips made of material similar to that found on the handgrips of American Army pistols and assault rifles. In general, the full effect of being in the “hot spot” is provided to the players. Another positive feature of the gamepad from “crazy pussies” is its operation at 2.4Ghz, which, according to the developers, guarantees gamers “anti-lag” protection. The device also contains additional keys that can be “bind” for semi-tertiary combinations.

The best game that maximizes your controller’s potential, you guessed it, Call of Duty: Moder Warfare 2.

The Logitech gamepad is minimalist, comfortable and ergonomic. At the same time, like the Mad Catz controller, it operates at 2.4Ghz frequency (which means it is especially good for shooters), has a rotating D-pad (which means it will not get lost in fighting games) and, in general, is a pretty good alternative to DualShock 3 for those who set out to save money. However, to me personally, its stylish, but somewhat unusual design seemed a little uncomfortable. However, this is my special case and it can hardly be considered indicative, because friends are simply delighted with this joystick..

The best game that maximizes the potential of the controller – in general, any shooter, but I tested it on Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Test.

At the end of our hit parade is a wireless turbo gamepad from Wildfire. Although from the point of view of design and materials used in its creation, it clearly does not differ for the better from its competitors, due to a rather low price and, accordingly, a good price / quality ratio, this controller still managed to get into our short list. Turbo buttons – what else do thrifty fighting and shooter fans need??!

Best Game to Maximize Your Controller’s Potential – Street Fighter IV.

Summary: Although the original DualShock 3 from Sony still has no equal in the all-around, highly specialized gamers may well opt for the models presented in the review. They all deserve it.

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