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Review on LG 32LM570BPLA TV, black.

Review on TV LG 32LM570BPLA, black.

It was time to change the TV in a small room and I began to study specialized forums on choosing a TV. For a long time there was a TV with a screen format of 4: 3 and a size of 19 inches, so I originally wanted somewhere between 26-28 inches. But the assortment in this segment is small, so I almost immediately switched to 32-inch TVs, where the variety is off the charts. I have a personal positive experience of using LG TVs (for already 10 years this TV has been in the hall and pleases us with an excellent image), so I aimed specifically at the TV of this company (although I also looked through the discussions of TVs from other companies). While reading the forums, I also looked through the prices. I set the budget at 15,000 rubles. The TV must receive digital TV (DVB-T2), be smart, 802.11ac Wi-Fi (5 GHz, since 2.4 GHz is heavily clogged), an omnivorous player, and most importantly a matrix with new technologies and developments. And so I found such a TV – this is the LG 32LM570BPLA model. The price for it was much higher than my budget, but in the OnlineTrade store there was a discount for it and I can say it fell within the budget.

The first thing that bribed and liked was the 2019 model with an IPS-matrix made using the new ADS technology, which is a proprietary development of the BOE brand (sometimes such a matrix is ​​called an ADS matrix). By the way, it is the largest Chinese supplier of displays and it boasts many patents in the field of display production. Without going into complex physical processes, ADS technology allows you to increase display brightness while reducing power consumption, improving color reproduction and providing extremely wide viewing angles. The matrix made using ADS technology is distinguished by increased hardness, which means it is stronger and guarantees additional reliability, in particular, if you press your finger directly on the screen, then we will not see the usual moire.

This model has HD resolution (resolution: 1366×768 pixels), but for such a diagonal, I think it’s not critical and I’m not ready to overpay for FullHD.

Here are some of the technical specifications of the TV:

• Type of LED backlight – Direct LED.

• Support for SMART TV: yes.

• SMART TV platform: webOS Smart TV.

• Sound system: Virtual Surround Plus.

• Digital TV standards: DVB-C, DVB-S, DVB-S2, DVB-T, DVB-T2.

• Number of built-in speakers: 2 pcs.

• Sound power: 10 (2×5) W.

• Wi-Fi: there is 802.11ac (dual band: 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz)

• Wired Ethernet (LAN): 100 Mbps.

• Inputs: HDMI x2, AV, Bluetooth, Ethernet (RJ-45), USB, Wi-Fi 802.11ac, component.

• Possibility of mounting on a wall: yes.

• VESA standard: 200×200 mm.

• Dimensions with stand: 739 * 472 * 168 mm.

• Weight with stand: 5 kg.

The TV is packed in such a rather colorful box, decorated in red and white colors..

On the side, the main data of the product inside is indicated (including the serial number and date of manufacture – I bought it on 11/14/19, and it was made on 10.2019 – count only from the assembly line)

We open the box and see the foam with a recess in which the TV legs are located.

Each leg is marked with the letters A and B and has a key – a protrusion thanks to which it will not be possible to install it differently. Looking ahead, I will say that the seats on the TV are also marked with the letters A and B.

Each leg has a small silicone anti-slip insert.

We remove the upper foam, behind the TV we are met by the already well-known dark plastic tray with accessories, which I will now demonstrate.

Two black self-tapping screws for attaching the legs.

Power cord with L-shaped mains plug and L-shaped plug to connect to the TV. This TV has a built-in power supply.

TV remote (normal, although Magic remote supports it too)

User manual with warranty card inside. By the way, the LG campaign for TVs has a warranty of 1 year, and then 1 year of free warranty service – in total, we get 2 years of warranty.

Preparing for the first turn-on is an instruction in pictures such as attaching legs to the TV, how to hang it on a bracket, what equipment through which connectors can be connected to it, etc..

Energy consumption data for various TV models and a sticker specifically for this TV with these data: Energy efficiency class A + with a consumption of only 31 W.

Gift: a month of free use of the ivi online cinema (to start which there is a special button on the remote control)

So unpacking is over, now let’s take a closer look at the panel itself. Below, as I already mentioned, there are special notches for attaching the legs: below I give a photo of the attachment point marked as “B”, you can also see the speaker next to it. On the other hand, everything is the same, only the marking “A”

In the center of the bottom, you can see the TV power button, which, in addition to this function, is a joystick button that deviates in 4 directions – this allows you to navigate the TV menu in the absence of a remote control. Never place the TV vertically with the legs not screwed on – this may damage this button..

Installing the legs. To do this, we only need a Phillips screwdriver and 30 seconds of time and voila – the TV is ready for use..

Connecting the power cord: see how little protrudes from the TV case thanks to its design. This feature will allow, if the TV is installed on the bracket, to move it as close to the wall as possible. the power plug is also made L-shaped, then hide the outlet itself behind the TV. A very competent solution from LG engineers.

We turn on the TV to the network and in standby mode we observe the red glow of the LED under the LG logo.

We turn on the TV and the LED goes out.

On the back wall (when looking at the TV from the back):

There are VESA standard holes in the center: 200×200 mm for installing a TV on a bracket.

On the left is a sticker with basic TV data (model name, serial number, etc.)

On the right, in a small recess, most of the connectors are collected.

USB connector, HDMI connector and CI-slot are moved to the right side of the TV.

So, on TV, the environment around him is pretty well reflected in spite of the fact that the manufacturer claims to have a matte matrix installed..

I set up digital TV and this is how the picture looks at a right angle and at rather large angles from the sides and bottom.

Reflections of the environment are certainly present, but no color distortions are noticed. Of course, it is better to look at the TV directly or at a slight angle or with the lights off.

Firmware version upon purchase 03.60.25.

After configuring the network and updating it received 04.70.01.

It’s a pleasure to navigate the menu – webOS is not an android that always slows down … very comfortable.

Just a sea of ​​applications in LG SMART TV – everyone will find something for themselves according to their taste.

I immediately installed an IPTV player and registered an address with verified Internet channels into it.

There is also a very smart browser..

Let’s briefly go over the menu items.

By the way, there is a button on the remote control for direct access to the selection of the energy saving mode, which made me very happy. on my TV in 2009, I actively use it. And here a more intelligent algorithm of the sensor operation in the “automatic” mode has been applied. On my old TV, I switch this option myself depending on the current lighting in the room..

Finally, I wanted to say that when buying, in addition to the standard test for broken pixels and uniformity of fills, shades of gray, etc., I conducted a test to determine the operating time of this instance (this is how display cases are rejected): I installed a USB flash drive in the TV and pressed 7 times (more) in a row on the red button on the remote control (which is in the lower left corner) – as a result, a file “utt.txt” with information about the minutes of TV operation was formed on the flash drive – there were 0 minutes, which of course pleased me.

The built-in player turned out to be just as pleasant to use: it changed a lot in appearance, but the omnivorous formats remained the same.

Summing up, I want to note that LG TVs have evolved great for 10 years, but technologies are still used at the peak of technical perfection. The menu has changed dramatically, but still remains simple and intuitive. The quality of the picture never ceases to please me, the smart is fraught with many new interesting applications that you can install and study on long winter evenings. 2-year warranty gives you confidence in the future.

Of the shortcomings, I would like to have at least 2 USB ports, but this is corrected by an external USB hub with additional power. And it would be nice if the matrix coating was more matte, but in my case this is not critical.

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