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Soft Light.

Soft light.

The modern mattress Adormo Soft-Light with orthopedic effect belongs to the category of soft products. The presented model is based on no springs and consists of three blocks made of cold foam using a special innovative technology..

The core of the model is the first layer, completely made of Vita-Foam, which ensures the correct position of the back during sleep and rest. Foam is a completely environmentally friendly material that allows you to create an excellent microclimate inside the mattress, due to a good air conditioning system. This will help to avoid the active spread of fungus or the ingress of individual dust particles..

The second layer is cold foam “Vita Foam-Bio”. This modern foam block is made of modern materials that provide softness and the necessary elasticity. Additional elastic features are responsible for the improvement of anatomical and orthopedic properties.

The third block is made of viscous elastic foam, which is characterized by excellent density indicators – “Vita-Memory”. The main function of this foam is to reduce the pressure on the mattress during loading..

During 10-15 years of active operation, the Adormo Soft-Light model does not sag and retains the same elasticity. After loading, the surface of the product instantly straightens without leaving any dents.

Cold foam is a quality material that forms during the cold foaming process. The absence of a hot method of processing allows you to achieve the desired level of elasticity, which is necessary for comfortable relaxation.

A modern model of a high-strength orthopedic mattress – Adormo Soft-Light.

The manufacturer has specially used this proven material, which is made on the basis of purified water and a mixture of environmentally friendly raw materials. This foam is pleasant to the touch and does not cause allergic reactions even in people with hypersensitive skin. The “breathable” properties of the material are undoubtedly due to the porous structure of the foam..

Product technical features:

The first layer – cold foam “Vita-Foam” H-25, height 12 cm. The second layer – foam “Vita-Foam Bio” B-25, height 3 cm. The third layer – high-quality foam “Vita-Foam Memory” V-40 , height 3 cm. The surface of the mattress is hypoallergenic. The maximum permissible load is 120 kg. The height of the product is 20 cm. The removable cover is fixed with a zipper located along the entire perimeter of the mattress. The cover can be washed by hand or in a machine, subject to the temperature regime – up to 30 degrees. Product warranty – 6 years from the date of purchase. Stiffness score: 2 out of 5.

For convenient operation, the manufacturer has supplemented the model with a corresponding cover, which has a “protective” surface: anti-mite and additional anti-allergic impregnation. The cover is sewn from a fairly dense and durable fabric that has a long service life even with repeated washing.

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