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The best school backpacks.

Best school backpacks.

The first grade is a new stage in a child’s life, when it is necessary to completely change your usual schedule and start learning. In this regard, there is a need to buy a school backpack, which will be not only the most comfortable, but also the best in terms of ergonomics. Now manufacturers pay special attention to knapsacks for the youngest schoolchildren, introducing new technologies and materials.

What should be a school backpack for a first grader?

The main requirements in the development of backpacks are put forward to a structure that should maintain an even posture and provide better protection against back diseases. Ergonomic school bags have their own characteristics:

classic elongated shape; fully molded base; orthopedic rigid back; wide anatomical shoulder straps; straps on the chest (and belt).

The best school backpacks for first graders are usually small, designed for children in grades 1–2. Taking into account the anatomical features, the back is designed with characteristic bulges that support the spine and reduce the load on the shoulders. For ergonomic fixation, height-adjustable shoulder straps and chest straps are used. The best school models have waist straps for a snug fit.

Many options are being developed with the involvement of orthopedic doctors to create a completely safe, comfortable product. Also, attention is paid to the little things that will allow the student to quickly fold textbooks and stationery. We present to your attention the best companies of school backpacks and their series, which can be purchased in Russia..

TOP 10 best school backpacks for first graders.

10. Orange Bear Z-831 – backpack-satchel with a molded base.

The right school backpacks have been around not too long ago, with the Z series designed for boys and girls. The model is convenient to use, it will be easier for a first grader to cope with large plastic rings with locks than with a classic metal lock. Anatomical backrest, raised shoulder and inner part of shoulder straps covered with the best breathable material.

Front shallow compartment with pen organizer and key holder, inside main compartment with dividers. The set includes a keychain-bear, all runners with long comfortable pads. A wide, comfortable handle is provided for carrying a schoolbag, and a separate loop for hanging it on a hook. The open side pockets hold a water bottle or tissues. Weight is 1100 g, with a fairly large volume of 21 liters.


A capacious model for younger schoolchildren, a keychain included. The best service life in terms of durability (4 years). Increased user comfort thanks to the classic design. Fully molded base and crumple-proof textbooks on all sides.


Large weight of a schoolbag for a first grader. No belt or chest straps. Fabric bottom without abrasion protection and feet.

Nice schoolbag, carried from November to May. Before that, we bought a model from another company and lost it – it was too small. This one is simply the best – roomy, with zippers is much more comfortable than with a flap. I brush it with a solution sometimes, it does not require any special maintenance conditions. With a lot of workload, the straps can move out a little, we fix it, but we like it so.

Anna, 40 years old.

9. Hama Motorbike (red / black) – reliable backpack for elementary school.

The sizes are optimal for children from 1 to 4 grades, the volume is 22.8 liters. This is a school model from the roomy series of classic molded backpacks of the brand, there are colors for boys and girls. The weight is 1040 g, which almost fits into the recommended best weight for an empty school backpack. Valve with a classic metal lock, reinforced bottom with 4 legs. Main compartment with zippered pocket and padded notebook compartment.

Fully lined back with breathable mesh fabric. On the sides there are open pockets with an elastic band for water and napkins, in the front there is a pocket for small items without an organizer. On the inside of the valve there is a transparent insert for the lesson schedule. The school model is made from the finest materials – high-strength polyester, plastic and metal. Equipped with reflectors on the most visible parts around the perimeter.


Best in durability (until the end of elementary school). Large volume and good capacity. Adjustable anatomical harness. Minimum cleaning thanks to material and plastic feet.


There are no molded dividers for school books and notebooks. The hand grip is thin, more suitable for hanging on a hook.

The knapsack is heavy, although there is nothing to compare with, the eldest son walked with a backpack. We bought it because of the possibility of developing scoliosis, we never regretted it. For the third year now we have been wearing it to school and to additional classes. The only inconvenient thing is that there is only one compartment without large dividers, like in other school backpacks. For notebooks I put in an almost weightless folder, otherwise I like everything.

Elena, 29 years old.

8. BRAUBERG EXTRA Mint HIT! – capsule backpack with adjustable volume.

Stylish backpack for girls from the “EXTRA” collection. There are also options for boys. Weight 950 g, designed taking into account all the anatomical features of schoolchildren. There is a wide handle, thin for a hook, anatomical S-shaped straps with double height adjustment, a fully molded Eva-composite base. The material is unpretentious, best of all repels water, dirt, easy to clean.

Inside the front compartment, a snap hook for keys and a pocket for notebooks. Rear main compartment with small and large compartment divider. The main feature of the school backpack is the extra volume. There is a zipper between the two sections, when fully opened, you can increase the size. With a minimum volume of 17 liters, this is the best backpack for studying throughout elementary school.


Increased volume and large capacity. Minimum effort to maintain at its best. Light enough for a molded school backpack. Can be used in high school (grades 5-6).


No external quick access pockets. Dividers for books and notebooks are soft. No additional fixation straps.

We left for almost a year, my daughter finished 4th grade. We have it miniature, the backpack is just the size, it does not look like a suitcase with legs on it. We use the additional volume only on days with additional English from the teacher, the rest of the time the usual is enough. The straps have already been adjusted to the last height, how much more is not clear, but so far we are satisfied, it was the best purchase for the child.

Maria, 32 years old.

7. Mike Mar OK (denim) – standard practical satchel.

School backpack from the 1008 series with a volume of 19 liters, designed for primary schools. The weight is 998 g – one of the best values ​​for children’s backpacks. All 4 sides are molded, which ensures the safety of things from crushing. On the front side there is a holder for a pendant and a small keychain included. The front compartment and main compartment open to the bottom from the bottom. Built-in organizer for stationery and small items, a divider for notebooks.

The harness is not only orthopedic, but also adjustable at the base: from above, you can raise or lower the upper part of the strap by several levels (a single strap divided by 2). The backrest is correct with a relief, the main handle for the arms is thickened, soft, an additional loop with a plastic curved insert for a comfortable hold.


Adjustable to a comfortable position for any height. Reinforced bottom with protective plates. Fully organized interior space. Lightweight compared to other backpacks.


No hip or chest straps. Limited full opening of two departments.

I like almost everything in the knapsack, especially the compactness and the absence of external volumetric pockets. Of all the school backpacks we reviewed last year, this one is definitely the best. There is one feature in it, which has its pros and cons. In two sections there are partitions with lateral fabric inserts. When opened, the backpack does not unfold to the end, which is convenient, of course. On the other hand, under heavy load, when opening, the fabric is constantly subjected to tension. For us, it’s still a plus, but for those who decide to buy, consider this feature.

Natalia, 39 years old.

6. Across Teddy Bear ACR19-195-07 – practical classic backpack.

The Across ACR19-195 series features school models for boys and girls. This backpack has all the necessary elements, which practically makes it one of the best for comfortable use: orthopedic ventilated back, wide shoulder straps, chest straps, wide soft handle for hands. The straps are doubled at the base and fit completely to the back.

Inside the enlarged front pocket there is an organizer for office supplies, a small pocket for napkins and small items. The large section has one open compartment for textbooks or notebooks. This is the optimal school model weighing 1000 g, shoe bag and key chain included. For girls in the form of dolls, for boys, laser pointers with carabiner mounts. Designed down to the smallest detail: even on suspension runners with colors or tires.


Smart, comfortable design. Foldable to a compact state. Attractive design. Equipped with a keychain and a bag.


Small capacity – 15 liters. Suitable for students in grades 1–2 only. Short legs, no plastic bottom.

The schoolbag was chosen by my daughter herself last year, of course, in appearance. My wife and I thought it was too heavy, we wanted an ordinary light backpack. But a year later, we understand that this was the best solution. Everything that is needed fits, everything is in place, during this time not a single complaint. At the same time, the daughter wears it correctly. We drew attention to classmates with light backpacks – who carry on one shoulder, who have already altered the straps several times. We came to the conclusion that this schoolbag is excellent, as it grows up a little, we will choose the same larger model.

Igor, 35 years old.

5. PYTHAGOR Standard Football ball – a compact backpack for first graders.

A compact series of school bags for boys and girls, weighing only 810 g. Bright print is applied to the fabric, does not wash off while wearing. The main body is made of polyester, does not absorb moisture and provides protection from dirt. Shallow front patch pocket for thin pencil cases or small items. Open mesh side pockets, the flap closes with a zipper with two sliders.

The back is made of polyurethane foam, anatomically shaped hand grip with an insert, a loop for a hook. S-shaped shoulder straps with breathable interior. In the compartment there is a divider for 2 compartments, the valve opens up to the backrest. The volume is only 15 liters, but the manufacturer assures that this space is enough for the daily carrying of school supplies..


Very lightweight model with respect to ortho-functions. Compact, suitable for the smallest schoolchildren. Practical plastic zippers. Child-friendly hand grip. There are no additional straps for fixing. Reinforced backrest without anatomical inserts.


Shallow depth, suitable for a small amount of items.

We have been carrying it for 3 years already, we will buy another model for the 4th class, they have grown noticeably. There are no particular complaints for all this time, of all that I saw, it was the best option, but the front pocket was inconvenient. The main advantage in weight, compared with the friends of the son – no one was easier than ours. Plus they bought it for an almost ridiculous price then, compared to others. I recommend it now.

Elena, 28 years old.

4. Step By Step Touch2 Popstar – stylish satchel with filling.

Step By Step Touch2 is a series of improved satchels with filling from the German brand Hama, which is considered one of the best manufacturers of school accessories. Made of high-strength materials, impact-resistant metal and plastic fittings. Classical school model with a magnetic lock, a lightweight opening system has been developed. Outside, two side enlarged pockets with zippers, patch front thermo-pocket for lunchbox.

The straps are adjustable in length at the base as well as at the bottom. Orthopedic back with air circulation system, there are straps with plastic clips for fastening on the chest. The compartment has a zippered pocket, a transparent insert on the flap for the lesson schedule. The set includes small school accessories, the volume of the product is one of the largest in children’s satchels – 29 liters.


Large volume and capacity, designed for long-term wearing. Saving internal space (holders for the pencil case on the valve). Reinforced bottom with high plastic feet. Complete set: shoe bag, pencil case with filling, pencil case-cosmetic bag.


Slim hand grip without comfortable inserts. Weight exceeds the recommended norm (1200 g).

We bought it for a second grader last year, we wear it with pleasure. In terms of quality, it fully justifies its price, for the school it has become the best option. Sometimes we carry a shoe bag separately for walks, there is a separate pocket with a zipper, the cosmetic case was immediately given to the eldest daughter. We clean it periodically with powder, for so long it has not faded, as if we bought it last week.

Elena, 29 years old.

3. TIGER FAMILY (TIGER) Nature Quest Fairy – satchel with a flap with a zipper.

Comfortable schoolbag for girls from the Nature Quest series with fresh prints, also available for boys. The accessory looks stylish, the design is complemented by curly runners. The design was developed with the involvement of the best orthopedic doctors, the series received a certificate from the IGR e.V association in Germany in the category “Ergonomic product”. Back support is provided by an orthopedic back, and chest straps reduce the load on the spine.

Volume 13 liters, weight 1075 g. In the front there is a convenient semicircular pocket for a pencil case and a flap with a zipper, side pockets also with a flap on an elastic band. There are handles for hands and for a hook, reflectors around the perimeter. Inside there is a soft compartment for notebooks and an additional holder with an elastic band. In the valve there is a transparent compartment with a branded TIGER FAMILY schedule for school activities.


Convenient external zippers with long sliders. The presence of all elements for the correct distribution of the load. Bright design, curly accessories and keychain included. Ergonomic hand grip with comfortable grip.


Inconvenient side pockets, not suitable for bottles. Rubberized bottom without protective feet. Weight exceeds the recommended norm.

For the price completely satisfied, the child also likes it. The valve cover opens up to the backrest, inside you can put something in a soft pocket, and fix something separately with an elastic band. There are no complaints about the ortho-functions, the daughter never complained about the severity or inconvenience. Compared to other backpacks, it looks quite compact. In my personal opinion – the best choice among school accessories!

Hadishat, 32 years old.

2. Magtaller EVO Hearts – colorful satchel with a classic lock.

The EVO series includes classic school bags with a standard metal closure with a clasp. The volume is 23 liters, the weight is only 900 g. The back is orthopedic, there is a thin loop for hanging and a handle with a pad for hands. Removable chest straps with fasteners in the central part, plastic fittings are used. Includes a neat heart-shaped keychain, other school models in the series have thematic pendants that accentuate the print.

Side pockets are double: a large one with a semicircular zipper and a smaller open one with an elastic band with the possibility of opening a cross zipper. The section includes an open compartment with a partition for notebooks and a hanging organizer pocket for office supplies, a notebook and a telephone. The series also includes pencil cases and shoe bags with themed prints.


Light weight with fully correct prosthetic design. Capacious side pockets with zippers and elastic. Reinforced waterproof bottom with 4 separate high legs. Organizer pocket is the best replacement for pencil case.


Small thin handle for hands. It will be difficult for a first grader to get used to the castle at first..

It has everything we needed, the best package. It does not get dirty quickly, I rarely brush it, I got caught in the rain a couple of times – nothing got wet. It resembles a briefcase from my childhood, only more convenient. The valve folds back completely, I can immediately appreciate how my daughter folded the textbooks on her own. I can’t say how much the anatomical system is working, but the back remained straight.

Anna, 34 years old.

1. Herlitz MIDI NEW Kick it – comfortable satchel for boys.

MIDI NEW is a series of German school bags with the optimal size for primary school. The volume is 26 liters with a weight of 1.1 kg. The back is breathable along the entire perimeter, there is a relief to maintain the correct posture. The backpack is secured with chest straps and shoulder straps that can be adjusted at the base and at the bottom. Side pockets with zippers almost reach the top, you can fit both a bottle and small items.

The flap closes with a magnetic Fidlock fastener, a compartment for the lesson schedule is built in. Integrated front pocket for school pencil case or lunch box under the flap. There is one divider in the compartment, a dense water-repellent lining. Reflectors are located in stripes along the bottom of the front and sides, available on the shoulder straps.


Better reinforcement of the plastic bottom (compared to similar models) with feet. Spacious side pockets with zippers. Adjustable anatomical harness. Magnetic lock with lightweight opening system.


Weight exceeds the norm – more than 1000 g. Rigid thin handle for hands.

The German quality of the best manufacturer is immediately visible: all the seams are stitched exactly, when a child carries a lot of textbooks, it does not bend anywhere, the bottom is frame made of plastic. The child learned to cope with the lock himself immediately. The pocket under the flap is conveniently open, you don’t have to constantly pull on the zipper. We put the phone in a side pocket, in another one we always put napkins. We have not found any flaws yet, they were attributed exactly 6 academic months.

Anastasia, 38 years old.

Rating of the best backpacks for school in the table.

We present the ranking of the best school brands and models in the table. Prices shown are current for August (2019).

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