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TOP-20 rating of the best iron models of 2021. Review, characteristics, pros and cons.

TOP-20 rating of the best iron models of 2021. Review, features, pros and cons.

With such a household appliance as an iron, you have to work almost daily. To make the ironing process quick and comfortable, you should purchase a modern model, which has an impressive range of options and stylish design..

The iron is a versatile and irreplaceable home assistant, which no housewife can do without..

Despite the fact that today well-known manufacturers offer a large number of different devices for ironing clothes, it is not easy to choose a functional device..

While searching for the best model, experts recommend taking a closer look at the devices that have become the most sold in the domestic market and have taken leading positions in the ratings of household appliances.

Rating of TOP-20 best irons.

Place Model Price Budget – up to 2000 rubles # 1 Polaris PIR 1007T Get the price # 2 Galaxy GL6107 Get the price # 3 Polaris PIR 2479K Get the price # 4 Philips GC1436 / 20 Comfort Get the price Price-performance ratio # 1 Morphy Richards Saturn IntelliTemp 305003 Check Price # 2 Philips GC2990 / 20 PowerLife Get Quote # 3 Braun TexStyle 7 TS735TP Get Quote # 4 Bosch TDA 5028010 Get Quote Vertically Steam # 1 Morphy Richards 303131 Get Quote # 2 Braun TexStyle 7 TS745A Get Quote # 3 Philips GC4905 / 40 Azur Get the price # 4 Panasonic NI-W950 Get the price # 5 Bosch TDA 702421E Get the price Premium models from 8000 rubles # 1 Philips GC5039 / 30 Azur Elite Get the price # 2 Philips GC5033 / 80 Azur Elite Get the price # 3 Rowenta DW 9240 Get the price # 4 Braun SI 9187EWH Get Quote Models with Steam Generator # 1 Morphy Richards S-Pro 332100/332102 Get Quote # 2 Bosch TDS 2120 Get Quote # 3 Tefal GV8932 Get Quote # 4 Philips GC8712 PerfectCare Performer Get Quote.

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What to look for when choosing an iron?

It is worth paying attention to such criteria as:

power. The higher it is, the faster the device heats up and helps to smooth things out of any type of fabric with high quality; outsole material. Different models can be equipped with high-strength ceramic, cermet, Teflon and stainless steel, and aluminum soles. A good solution would be a device with a ceramic or metal-ceramic sole; the possibility of vertical steaming. It will help to instantly smooth out the thing located on the hanger, which is especially convenient for people who have every minute counting; automatic shutdown when not in use. Designed for safe operation, an option that is needed in order to prevent overheating or fire; self-cleaning and anti-scale protection. Allows you to avoid the need to thoroughly clean the appliance by hand; the presence of an additional attachment for delicate fabrics. The second pad is securely fixed to the sole of the device with clamps and has an ideal smooth surface for easy gliding on the fabric; anti-drip system. Significantly reduces the risk of stains and streaks on ironed clothes, since the flooded water will not be able to seep through the small holes in the sole; splashing water. The function is necessary for lightly moistening the dried cloth with water using a special spray located in the spout of the device.

Review of popular models.

When choosing a device for gentle care of clothes or bedding, you should consider the most popular models, taking into account their main technical characteristics, advantages and disadvantages.

We present the TOP-20 rating of the best home irons in terms of quality and reliability in various categories. All models are divided into 5 groups:

budget; the best in terms of price-quality-reliability model with vertical steaming; premium devices; with a steam generator.

For each of the devices, the pros, cons, characteristics are described, and a small overview is also made..

Budget – up to 2000 rubles.

Polaris PIR 1007T.

An easy-to-use device that guarantees fast smoothing of all fabrics.

Travel iron Polaris PIR 1007T, distinguished by its compactness, functionality and attractive appearance.

The device is equipped with a unique high-quality stainless steel sole that allows you to smooth clothes in a matter of seconds, while maintaining the integrity of the fabric.

A useful vertical steaming option is available to instantly remove creases on dry clothes.


power – 1000 W; sole material – stainless steel; vertical steaming – yes; functions – constant steam, steam boost.


ergonomic foldable handle; heating rate; easy sliding on the fabric; long power cord; measuring cup included.


there is no auto-off function; small volume of water reservoir; difficulty filling the compartment with water.

Galaxy GL6107.

A powerful device, presented in a white and turquoise case, designed to become an indispensable assistant for a housewife.

Galaxy GL6107 iron with self-descaling system, steam boost option and anti-stain ceramic soleplate.

Built-in anti-drip system helps prevent unaesthetic streaks.

For comfortable and safe operation, an automatic shutdown function and well-thought-out overheating protection are responsible.


power – 2800 W; sole material – ceramics; vertical steaming – yes; functions – continuous steam, steam boost.


the presence of an effective self-cleaning system; the possibility of dry ironing; capacious reservoir for liquid; water spill prevention system.


poor equipment; heavy weight; rapid scale formation.

Polaris PIR 2479K.

Functional shoe with ultra-durable and durable ceramic sole for gentle garment care.

Advanced home assistant Polaris PIR 2479K with innovative Smart Heat technology that ensures an even temperature distribution over the entire surface of the fabric being treated.

The effect is achieved by calculating the optimal thickness of the sole in accordance with the size of the heating element, the shape and power of the device..

Equipped with the device and options such as a system against splashing liquids and steaming in a vertical way.


power – 2400 W; sole material – ceramics; vertical steaming – yes; functions – continuous steam, steam boost.


the ability to independently adjust the steam supply; convenient wireless use; self-cleaning from the formed scale; uniform temperature distribution over the surface.


water stains may remain on the fabric; lack of auto-off function; buttons too tight.

Philips GC1436 / 20 Comfort.

Steam iron with an impressive array of useful options to easily iron stubborn and stubborn creases.

Electric appliance Philips GC1436 / 20 Comfort, providing constant high steam output.

The device is equipped with a special descaling slider, so that the user does not have to clean it manually.

This model is favorably distinguished by the presence of a depression for buttons, a pointed tip and an attractive design..


power – 2000 W; sole material – ceramics; vertical steaming – yes; functions – constant steam supply, steam boost;


reliable protection against plaque and scale; non-stick sole; fine spray; perfect glide on any fabric; convenient temperature setting.


small volume of water reservoir; stepless steam control is not provided; water flow.

The best devices in terms of price-quality-reliability.

Iron-steam generator Morphy Richards Saturn IntelliTemp 305003.

Intellectual iron-steam generator Saturn IntelliTemp 305003 is a British novelty on the Russian market and in terms of technical characteristics the absolute leader in the middle price category.

Saturn IntelliTemp does not require adjustments when ironing, whatever the fabric. The built-in steam generator uses a pump to deliver steam at a pressure of 1.5 bar to the 485 holes in the sole, creating a steam cushion effect.

Powerful steam boost 230 g / min. handles tight folds very well. The iron is equipped with a descaling system: the cartridge absorbs scale, the self-cleaning system cleans the cartridge. The device is absolutely safe: auto-shutdown occurs after 30 seconds of inactivity on the sole and after 10 minutes. – on the heel.


Automatic temperature and steam settings – yes; Built-in steam generator – yes; Power – 2400 W; Pressure – 1.5 bar; Constant steam – 50 g / min; Steam boost – 230 g / min.


ironing in several layers; does not require settings; 485 outsole holes; powerful vertical steam; self-descaling.


the price is higher than that of an iron without a steam generator.

Philips GC2990 / 20 PowerLife.

High-quality device with scratch-resistant sole and stable, powerful steam.

Philips GC2990 / 20 PowerLife one of the most reliable steam irons with built-in self-cleaning descaling, ergonomic handle and drop-stop system.

Five-layer non-stick soleplate coating ensures a long service life of the device, and scratch resistance allows you to preserve the original appearance of the unit and clothing.


power – 2300 W; sole material – glass ceramics; vertical steaming – yes; functions – continuous steam, steam boost.


built-in slider for cleaning plaque; comfortable textured handle; fast heating; long network cable; anti-drip system.


no auto-off function; noise during operation; loose valve.

Braun TexStyle 7 TS735TP.

An elegant steam device designed to perform complex tasks with minimal user interaction.

Braun TexStyle 7 TS735TP with steam control, 360-degree rotating cord and self-descaling system.

A distinctive feature of the model is the presence of a capacious water reservoir designed for 400 ml of water.

With it, you can quickly steam the fabric, eliminating all unnecessary folds.


power – 2400 W; sole material – aluminum; vertical steaming – yes; functions – constant steam, steam boost.


nozzle for delicate and fine fabrics in the set; capacious water tank; self-cleaning system from limescale; fastening the cable to the body with a ball method; a small measuring cup in a set with a device.


too sensitive temperature regulator; weak blow of steam; rapid contamination of the case.

Bosch TDA 5028010.

Attractive model from a renowned German company that produces durable home appliances.

Iron Bosch TDA 5028010 with hinged long power cord, smart steam system and small water tank.

For comfortable operation, the manufacturer equipped the device with several buttons on the handle, anti-scale protection and the possibility of dry ironing.

There is also an anti-drip system in the device, as well as a self-cleaning function.


power – 2800 W; sole material – ceramics; vertical steaming – yes; functions – constant steam, steam boost.


stepless temperature controller; LED indication during operation; steam distribution system; intuitive control; splashing liquid over fabric.


automatic shutdown is not provided; rough outsole; inconvenient filling of the tank with water.

Philips GC3581 / 30 SmoothCare.

Modern model with a large water tank for ironing without frequent refilling.

Philips iron GC3581 / 30 SmoothCare with large water tank, Calc Clean function to prevent limescale build-up, drip-stop system and ceramic soleplate.

To eliminate sweet and vertical steaming, the user can use the steam blow function.


power – 2400 W; sole material – ceramics; vertical steaming – yes; functions – constant steam, steam boost.


prevention of limescale formation; high-quality outsole; convenient steam regulator; simple cleansing; gentle care of delicate fabrics.


inconvenient location of the cord; difficulty with steam ironing; high probability of water leakage.

Vertical steaming.

Morphy Richards Turbosteam lIntelliTemp 303131.

Powerful smart iron adjusts the temperature by itself without your help, has an enlarged water tank.

The iron smoothes all fabrics and creases thanks to the high power of 3100 W, high steam consumption of 55 g / min and 200 g / min with steam. Supports vertical steaming to freshen curtains or upholstery.

The device has a spacious 400 ml water tank. 3m cord for freedom of movement.

A security system is provided. If you leave the iron for 8 minutes on the heel or 1 minute on the soleplate, the auto-off function will work. Self-cleaning system removes accumulated limescale, extending the life of the iron.


Power – 3100 W; Continuous steam consumption – 55 g / min; Steam boost – 200 g / min; Tank volume – 400 ml; Cord length – 3 meters.


automatic temperature setting; the possibility of vertical steaming; high power and steam consumption; auto shutdown; long cord.



Braun TexStyle 7 TS745A.

A good iron for high ironing results on any wardrobe detail.

Enhanced Braun TexStyle 7 TS745A with self-descaling, descaling and auto-off for safe operation.

The perfect result and the most simple use of the electrical appliance guarantees a high-quality sole, which does not appear scratches or other mechanical damage.


power – 2400 W; sole material – ceramics; vertical steaming – yes; functions – constant steam, steam boost.


distribution of water over the fabric; thoughtful protection against plaque; capacious water tank; fabric protector; long power cord.


additional costs for the purchase of attachments; dimensions; poor equipment.

Philips GC4905 / 40 Azur.

A model that effectively combines high technical characteristics and modern design.

Powerful Philips GC4905 / 40 Azur electric appliance that can smooth any fabric in seconds.

The device has an auto-off function when not in use, a steam boost, a quick descaling system and a scratch-resistant sole.

Water reservoir available for 300 ml of liquid.


power – 3000 W; sole material – glass ceramics; vertical steaming – yes; functions – constant steam, steam boost.


instant descaling; instant smoothing of tough folds; ball method for attaching the cable to the case; stop-drop system.


weak blow of steam; the need for regular cleaning of the case; weight.

Panasonic NI-W950.

A stylish device that makes it easy to keep your favorite items attractive.

Panasonic NI-W950 featuring a heavy-duty sole, anti-leakage system and temperature dial.

For convenient cleaning of the electrical appliance from scale, a triple cleaning system is provided, eliminating the need for the user to remove dirt manually.

The device also has an ergonomic handle for comfortable operation..


power – 2400 W; sole material – aluminum; vertical steaming – yes; functions – constant steam, steam boost.


scale protection ironing without water; optimal volume of the water reservoir; steam supply adjustment; light weight.


no measuring cup included; loud thermostat; the cost is higher than analogues.

Bosch TDA 702421E.

Ironing device with a wide range of useful options for comfortable garment care.

Powerful Bosch TDA 702421E iron, compact and lightweight.

The device has a capacious water tank for 350 ml of liquid, a heating indicator and an option that allows you to perform a steam boost.

Equipped with a device and a reliable protection system, guaranteeing safe use.


power – 2400 W; sole material – aluminum, ceramic; vertical steaming – yes; functions – constant steam, steam boost.


self-cleaning mode; reliable fastening of the cable to the case; long power cord; spraying with pre-poured water.


the set does not include a nozzle for delicate fabrics; specific smell of plastic; inconvenient plastic cover.

Premium models from 8000 rubles.

Tefal FV5605.

A functional household gadget designed for daily use for a long time.

Tefal FV5605 with innovative technology for better glide on fabric.

Small holes located throughout the soleplate ensure accurate steam distribution, and high power makes ironing more efficient and faster.

Steam boost helps smooth out stubborn creases or freshen things up..


power – 2600 W; sole material – cermet; vertical steaming – yes; functions – constant steam, steam boost.


eco mode; automatic steam adjustment; collector for collecting scale; attachment for ultra-thin fabrics; instant heating.


insufficient power cord; rapid contamination of the case; weight.

Philips GC5033 / 80 Azur Elite.

Highly efficient home assistant for high-quality ironing of laundry and favorite items.

The smart Philips GC5033 / 80 Azur Elite for fast, effortless ironing on all fabrics.

DynamiQ preset for automatic steam.

ECO mode saves up to 20% energy, while Max mode is necessary for continuous steam to smooth out stubborn creases.

The user can turn off the steam supply using the OFF mode.


power – 3000 W; sole material – stainless steel; vertical steaming – yes; functions – constant steam, steam boost.


large opening for water inlet; anti-drip system; power saving mode; accelerated wrinkle removal; quick descaling.


overcharge; weight; easily soiled case.

Rowenta DW 9240.

Powerful iron with built-in steam generator for a perfect look.

State-of-the-art Rowenta DW 9240 device with LED control panel, integrated water reservoir and automatic shutdown when not in use.

The steam boost instantly penetrates deep into the fabric, so the user does not have to worry about the possibility of getting wrinkled clothes after ironing.


power – 3100 W; sole material – stainless steel; vertical steaming – yes; functions – constant steam, steam boost.


ergonomic shape; self-descaling option; modern and elegant design; long cable for connecting to the mains.


the need for regular cleaning of the soles; you have to frequently add water; dimensions.

Braun SI 9187EWH.

One of the best-selling models for professional garment care.

Braun steam iron SI 9187EWH with innovative iCare technology that protects clothes by selecting the ideal temperature setting.

Three active zones of steam provide quick wrinkle removal from various fabrics, and a triangular steam zone at the tip of the device allows you to smooth even the most difficult to reach areas.

High-quality steam production is carried out by pressing the Extra Steam button.


power – 2800 W; sole material – aluminum; vertical steaming – yes; functions – constant steam, steam boost.


wear-resistant sole cover; scale protection; a glass in the set; anti-drip system; 3 active steam zones.


cost; the need for cleansing; the device weighs quite a lot.

Steam generator models.

Morphy Richards S-Pro 332100/332102.

In the first place a powerful steam generator with automatic descaling function of the British company Morphy Richards.

The S-Pro is capable of smoothing multiple layers of fabric at the same time. For materials of different density and delicacy, there are three modes of steam supply, which are conveniently selected on the electronic control panel.

The device supports steam boost with a power of 400 g / min, which will help to cope with the most difficult creases. High water consumption is compensated by a large tank with a capacity of 2 liters.

The device is descaled automatically by a signal from the sensor. Also, the steam generator has an automatic shutdown function and a reliable fastening for the iron on the base.


Power – 3000 W; Steam – 160 g / min, impact – 400 g / min; Outsole material – ceramic; Vertical steaming – yes; Functions – continuous steam, steam boost.


powerful steam supply; three modes for different types of fabrics; ready to work in 2 minutes; capacious water tank; automatic descaling system; safe to operate.


not found.

Bosch TDS 2120.

A high-performance device that a modern housewife cannot do without.

Bosch TDS 2120 model with an efficient descaling program and a large 1.5 liter water tank.

If necessary, the owner can add water to the container at any time convenient for himself, without interrupting the ironing process.

A single temperature regime is provided for all types of fabrics.


power – 2400 W; sole material – ceramics; vertical steaming – yes; functions – constant steam, steam boost.


convenient electronic control; boiler for 1500 ml of water; the ability to add water during operation; groove for buttons; availability of eco-mode.


inconvenient power cord; insufficient amount of steam; insufficient power level.

Tefal GV8932.

Intelligent ironing system perfect for large families.

Tefal GV8932 iron with efficient steam generator, spacious water tank, automatic shutdown and anti-scale protection.

The optimal combination of steam power and temperature for each type of fabric is guaranteed by 3 steam modes.

You can choose the ideal mode using an electronic adjustment system. Specifications:

power – 2400 W; sole material – cermet; vertical steaming – yes; functions – constant steam, steam boost.


filling the tank with water during ironing; removable water tank; large volume of water tank; eco-mode; electronic control.


the power cord is not long enough; poor equipment; the cost.

Philips GC8712 PerfectCare Performer.

A functional but easy-to-use device that combines an attractive appearance and high-quality assembly.

Steam generator Philips GC8712 PerfectCare Performer with OptimalTEMP technology, which eliminates the need to waste time setting the temperature or waiting for heating.

The sophisticated system allows you to thoroughly iron any fabric without the risk of burning it, reaching the most difficult-to-reach areas.


power – 2600 W; sole material – ceramics; vertical steaming – yes; functions – constant steam, steam boost.


automatic steam regulation; sound and light indication; removable water tank; adding water during operation; ready to work 2 minutes.


impressive weight; short steam hose; dimensions.

Braun IS 7143 WH.

Stylish design with powerful steam for perfect crease removal.

Easy-to-use ironing system with unique iCare technology for delicate garment care.

During work, the user has the opportunity to add water to the tank without stopping ironing, which makes the process more convenient and comfortable.

Additionally, the Braun IS 7143 WH is equipped with a display and a removable reservoir for 2 liters of fluid.


power – 2400 W; sole material – aluminum; vertical steaming – yes; functions – steam boost.


the presence of a display; eco-mode; the ability to add fluid during operation; spray function.


the cost is higher than analogues; large weight and size; the appearance of scratches on the device.


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